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There are no grudges held between Cher and Madonna – if you are to believe Cher, at least. Rumors of a feud were reignited, when, as part of her 40th anniversary Celebration Tour, Madonna introduced a clip from a 1991 interview where the “Believe” singer calls the Queen of Pop “mean.”

In an interview with the NY Post, Cher admitted she has called Madonna, “much worse,” but that doesn’t mean she lacks respect for the “Vogue” singer. “One thing that I cannot ever take away from her … this chick had her ear to the ground like no other woman I ever knew,” Cher told the Post. “She was ahead of all of us every moment, every time — the look, the song, the feeling … I mean, no one is like her in that way.”

The clip used as part of the Celebration Tour is from an interview with Steve Kmetko for CBS. “There are lots of things that I respect about [Madonna],”  Cher says in a longer clip that can be found on YouTube. “I think that she knows how to work the business like nobody I’ve ever seen before…And there’s something about her that I don’t like. She’s mean. I don’t like that.”

In another recent interview to promote her new Christmas album, Cher told the LA Times, there are no hard feelings between the two. “It’s not a beef. I actually like her,” said Cher, adding that the two buried the hatchet a long time ago. 

She also praised the new generation of female pop stars, including Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift. “I like all of those girls a lot. I always know what they’re doing — it’s impossible not to. But I’m really proud of this new generation of women because they get a chance to do what they want to do. And I feel that I might have been a part of that. There’s a lot of us old women that were just kind of balls-to-the-wall, ‘Don’t f— with me, fellas.’ But it took a long, long time to get there.” 


As part of her promotional tour, Cher recently revealed she is ready to pack her bags if Donald Trump finds his way back into the Oval Office. In a broad-ranging interview with the Guardian, the singer was asked how she felt about Donald Trump being potentially re-elected. “I almost got an ulcer the last time,” Cher replied. “If he gets in, who knows? This time I will leave [the country].”

“Christmas” was released on Oct. 20. The 13-track album features four original singles and new interpretations of “Santa Baby,” “Run Rudolph Run,” and “Please Come Home For Christmas.”

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