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Descript unveiled its new collection of AI tools, set to release in the coming weeks. Small business owners relying heavily on audio and video content might want to monitor these developments closely. Here’s why:

A History Rooted in AI

Descript is no stranger to artificial intelligence. Since 2018, they’ve integrated AI into their platform with the introduction of Overdub. The primary goal is to provide users with useful AI tools rather than mere gimmicks. With the proliferation of AI in numerous software solutions over the past year, particularly with the rise of GPT, AI capabilities have become a staple feature for many tech companies.

Yet, Descript remained somewhat reserved. Instead of hastily jumping onto the AI bandwagon, they took a deliberate approach. The company prioritized quality, ensuring that its core product was delivered efficiently to its users. According to Laura Burkhauser, Head of Product at Descript, while AI tools can enhance the user experience, they shouldn’t compromise the product’s core functionality.

How AI Integrates with Descript’s Vision

Descript’s philosophy surrounding AI is straightforward. They see AI as a “junior editor”—an assistant to handle the technical aspects of editing, which can often be time-consuming and tedious for users. Furthermore, the AI acts as a collaborator, offering suggestions and identifying potential areas of improvement.

However, the company understands the irreplaceable value of human judgment. While AI can assist in many ways, key creative decisions are best left to individuals.

New Features Aimed at Enhancing Productivity

Descript has enhanced its in-house AI voice tool, among the AI features set to roll out. Dubbed a significant upgrade from its predecessor, Overdub, this tool boasts advanced features such as text-to-speech and rapid authorization processes. The improvements suggest that users won’t have to wait for extended periods to train or verify a voice. In fact, the quality is touted to be so exceptional that it might eliminate the need for actual voice recording for voiceovers entirely.

Such advancements can have direct implications for small business owners. For those who create audio or video content, whether for marketing, training, or other business-related purposes, this means faster production times and potentially reduced costs. Removing simple errors like “ums” and “uhs” with just a click or correcting a voiceover by simply typing can significantly streamline the content creation process.

A Glimpse into the Future

Burkhauser hinted that these AI enhancements are just the tip of the iceberg. Over the next couple of months, Descript plans to introduce a series of AI features, all built seamlessly into its existing workflows. The objective is to simplify the video and audio editing processes, making it as intuitive as writing.

For small business owners, time is a precious commodity. Any tool or feature that can save time without compromising on quality can be invaluable. Descript’s new AI features, with their promise of simplifying and speeding up the editing process, might just be what small businesses need to stay ahead in the content game. With the digital landscape becoming increasingly competitive, tools like these could be the game-changers that set businesses apart.

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