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Warning: Contains SPOILERS for Gen V episode 6!


Gen V’s Golden Boy proves to be one of the most powerful supes and could potentially beat Homelander.
Golden Boy’s powers are showcased in conversations and memories, with Coach Brink mentioning that he is on Homelander’s level of strength.
However, Golden Boy needs injections and experiments to reach Homelander’s natural strength, indicating that Homelander is still ahead in power.

Golden Boy is one of the most powerful supes to ever be introduced into the world of The Boys, and Gen V has finally confirmed that the young supe could actually beat Homelander. While The Boys franchise features all kinds of immensely powerful supes, Homelander has always been at the top of the food chain. Homelander’s invincibility, super-strength, and laser eyes have made him a formidable foe, but it seems that Gen V‘s Golden Boy is up to the challenge.

Gen V is finally here, with the highly-anticipated spin-off of Amazon Prime’s The Boys releasing season 1 as of the writing of this article. Upon the release of the series, Golden Boy was one of the most exciting supes to debut in the show, leading to speculation over how powerful he is. However, Golden Boy shockingly died in Gen V episode 1, meaning that his powers didn’t have much time to be shown off. Even after his death, Gen V characters are still talking about how powerful he is, even mentioning how he would fare against Homelander.

Gen V Episode 6 Line Puts Golden Boy On Homelander’s Level

Gen V episode 6 takes place almost entirely within Cate’s mind, with Marie, Jordan, Andre, and Dusty traversing her memories. At one point, the gang stumbles across a memory of Cate’s meeting with Dean Shetty and Coach Brink, revealing that Golden Boy was the subject of the conversation. When Cate mentions her worries about Golden Boy, Brink says that he is burning brighter than ever, specifically mentioning that he is able to reach Homelander-level strength.

By comparing Golden Boy to Homelander, Coach Brink is highlighting that he believes Golden Boy could stand a change against the ultra-powerful supe. No supe in The Boys universe has been a match for Homelander so for, but according to Brink, Golden Boy could have been the one to take him down. Much like Homelander, Golden Boy can fly and is invincible, while his pyro-based powers make him stand out from the leader of The Seven. Although viewers will probably never get to see this fight, it is still fun to speculate about.

Gen V’s Golden Boy Proves Homelander Is Still Ahead

Although Golden Boy has reached Homelander’s levels, Homelander is still ahead. As Gen V episode 6 reveals, Golden Boy needs injections from his brother in order to be as strong as he is. Without Vought’s supplements and The Woods’ experiments, Golden Boy doesn’t reach the aforementioned levels of strength that are comparable to Homelander.

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Homelander, on the other hand, is naturally as strong as he is. Homelander has been engineered with Compound V from the very beginning, with him seemingly not even having to try to pull off the feats that he does. While Golden Boy stands a chance against Homelander, Homelander would probably still beat the Gen V supe most of the time.

New episodes of Gen V release Fridays on Amazon Prime Video.

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