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HAMAS terrorists filmed themselves blowing up a father with a grenade in front of his terrified kids who screamed “I want to die” in the latest atrocity to be uncovered.

It is part of a grisly compilation of footage released by Israel as a captive Hamas fighter claims he was under direct orders to “behead” innocents.

The moment a Hamas captive claims he was ordered to butcher and ‘behead’ victims

Hamas recorded their massacre on horror body cam footage later collected by Israel

The above video is part of a much larger collection that is too graphic to be released to the public

A Hamas captive says he was told to ‘do anything you want’ to his Jewish victimsRex

On Monday, Israeli Defence Forces screened a “raw and unedited” reel of harrowing footage to journalists taken during Hamas’s cross-border rampage.

Israel said it had been forced to release the almost unwatchable montage to thwart a misinformation campaign by deluded supporters of its terrorist enemy.

One clip showed a father being blown up by a grenade and his two young sons being spattered with his blood as they attempt to flee.

One of the boys can be heard screaming: “Daddy’s dead, it’s not a prank. I wish I were dead.”

The Islamist group whose savages killed at least 1,400 and took at 222 hostage after swarming out of Gaza on October 7 have denied targeting civilians.

Israel claimed that another video was taken during an interrogation of a 24-year-old captive from Hamas’s Zaiton battalion.

The Hamas terrorist shockingly claimed he was under direct orders to “behead” women, children and the elderly.

The fighter said he had been told to treat his Jewish victims “like animals” and even sexually abuse the bodies of murdered women.

The captive soldier says in the clip: “They tell us to kill, massacre them everywhere.

“In the religion, they say it is forbidden to kill children, women, the elderly.

“In the army (Hamas), the commander will tell you, stomp on their heads, behead them, do whatever you want with them.”

If the captive terrorist’s claims are true then it is likely to spark a fresh storm over Hamas commanders’ specific orders to decapitate innocent Jewish victims among other sickening crimes.

The short hostage video was only a fraction of the unimaginable scenes of brutality and mercilessness that were too graphic to be released to the public.

It is unclear if they will be shared at a later date.

The footage mostly follows the Palestinian militants as they record themselves storming into different kibbutzim, brutally murdering families in front of one another.

In one shot, a terrorist manically beheads a man’s body with a shovel while shouting: “Allah Akhbah”.

Others show a tiny child being shot as she cowered under a table and a newborn baby’s body charred beyond recognition.

In further videos, a Hamas killer can be heard gloating on the phone to his parents about his murders.

He said: “I killed ten Jews with my own hands. I’m using the dead Jewish woman’s phone to call you now.” The mother replies: “May god protect you”. 

He continued: “I killed 10 Jews with my bare hands…Father, be proud of me.”

Other footage seemingly taken at the Supernova festival massacre revealed the horror scenes of men and women screaming as they were pulled from cars.

Bloodied corpses were thrown into the dirt, while Hamas terrorists celebrated in crowds.

In one of the clips released to the public, dashcam footage of a windscreen shattered by bullets can be seen driving along a path lined with armed terrorists who continue to shoot at the vehicle.

The same car, shown from the camera of a Hamas shooter shows the lifeless and bleeding bodies of a male driver and female passenger slumped in the front.

At the live viewing, an IDF spokesperson said: “This is a crime against humanity. They killed babies, old people, sick people…

“We won’t allow the world to forget who we are fighting.”

So far, Israel has only been able to identify around 83 per cent of the dead bodies.

At least 10 Britons were killed during Hamas’s terror attacks and six are said to be still missing.

The UK government said this morning they fear all six have been taken hostage and called it a “fast-moving situation”.

It comes as Hamas terrorists were caught allegedly carrying a chemical weapons manual.

Israeli President Isaac Herzog said a guide to using deadly toxins was found on the body of a Hamas fighter.

Herzog added the USB storage device was “al-Qaeda material” on how to weaponise cyanide.

It was found in Kibbutz Be’eri, where a fifth of the 1,100 residents were killed or kidnapped in the October 7 horror.

Herzog said: “We’re dealing with ISIS, al-Qaeda and Hamas.”

Hamas is accused of continuing to launch rockets and store weapons near schools, hospitals and mosques.

New satellite imagery appears to show just how terrifying close Hamas stationed rocket launchers – likely to be the targets of Israeli air strikes – next to civilian infrastructure.

Meanwhile, Israel continues to blitz the Gaza Strip with renewed intensity as their expected ground invasion looms ever-nearer.

Gaza’s health ministry says more than 5,000 have been killed since Israel began its bombardment of the densely-populated enclave.

In the past 24 hours, the IDF claims to have hit 400 targets, including several Hamas commanders, while their tanks and troops swarm close to the border.

Last night, two elderly Israeli hostages were released by Hamas, Yocheved Lifshitz, 85, and Nurit Cooper, 79.

The British daughter of Lifshitz, Sharone, spoke of her “relief” but says her mind remains focused on helping to retrieve the rest of the innocent hostages, including her father.

An IDF intelligence officer, Yossi Alpher, today claimed Hamas is releasing hostages slowly in the hopes of delaying Israel’s ground offensive.

“If we want to wait two or three years, maybe we’ll get another hundred hostages,” he fumed, adding that there should be no gratitude to Hamas for the pair released.

Israel has stepped up its aerial bombardment of Gaza as an invasion nears

ReutersThe two freed Israeli hostages – Yocheved Lifshitz and Nurit Cooper[/caption]

APIsraeli troops carry a coffin for the chief of security of Kibbutz Be’eri – the site of a Hamas massacre[/caption]

GettyPalestinians finish filling a mass grave inside Gaza[/caption]

AFPOver 5,000 are said to have been killed by Israeli strikes in Gaza[/caption]

ReutersInside the bomb-blitzed Gaza strip[/caption]

EPAIsrael has vowed to crush Hamas and hunt down every militant who stormed across the border into Israel[/caption]


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