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In this guide we will explain how to connect and automate a Buy&Sell strategy with 3Commas using a Trading View indicator. This guide will enable you to create long strategies on all spot pairs available on 3Commas.

In this example we will set up a Buy&Sell bot that will open the long position when the Tweezer Bottom – Bullish indicator signals the pattern. Then we will illustrate all the steps necessary to open the long position. The position will be closed using 3Commas take profit and stop loss.

1) Choice of the technical indicator to be used.

Trading View offers an extensive library with technical indicators developed by the in-house team. To access all available indicators, open the indicators dashboard (A) and click on the Technicals section (B). In this example we will choose an indicator in the Patterns section (C) called Tweezer Bottom – Bullish (D).

Remember that the choice of this indicator is purely random and is for educational purposes only, be sure to backtest and research before building any trading strategy.

2) Creating a bot on 3Commas.
Now go to 3Commas and create a new DCA bot. This bot will allow you to connect the indicator signal. Set up the Main Settings section. Name your bot (A), select your exchange (B), and bot type (C).

Select the ticker (A), set the type of strategy (B) and the capital to be used (C).

In the Deal Start Condition section, open the drop-down menu and select ‘Trading View custom signal’.

Set the take profit.

Set the stop loss.

Configure the Safety Orders section for a Buy&Sell strategy. Set the value to zero within this section as shown in the screenshot. Set Max safety orders count and Max active safety orders count to zero.

Now that you have properly created and configured your bot, go inside your new bot’s 3Commas dashboard, scroll down, and copy the ‘Initial Start Deal Condition’ message.

3) Trading View Connection – 3Commas.

Come back to Trading View and create a new alert (A), select the indicator from the drop-down menu (B), then choose Once Per Bar Close (C), and finally create a name for your alert and enter the message you copied previously within the Message field (D).

As a last step, go into Notifications, enable the web-hook url and enter 3Commas’ web-hook: ‘’.

Create your alert as a final step.

You have now correctly created a new 3Commas Buy&Sell bot that will automatically open new orders when a new pattern is generated.

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