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You’ve crafted your LinkedIn About (using the principles of effective personal branding, right?!). But how do you know for sure if it’s working overtime for your brand? Your LinkedIn About will likely get more eyeballs than any other version of your bio that’s out there. Even senior execs with slick corporate website bios can expect their LinkedIn About to score more views. That’s because Google will likely lead people directly to LinkedIn when they want to check our your professional credibility and credentials.

Today, in our Digital First world, your LinkedIn About can deliver your very best first impression. It’s time to see if yours is bolstering your brand or botching it.

To impress those who are checking you out online, use these two tests for your LinkedIn About:

The LinkedIn About Self Evaluation

Read your About slowly. Evaluate each question below on a 1-3 scale, where 1=barely, 2=somewhat, 3=absolutely. Tally your score at the end.

To what degree does my LinkedIn About:

Hook readers with a magnetic opening?
Ring true to the real me?
Stand out from peers and others who seek the same career aspirations as me?
Speak to my dream audience – those I need to impress and influence so I can reach my goals?
Captivate with fascinating facts (quantifiable details)?
Include personal details like my passions, interests and causes I care about (20-30% worth)?
Clearly explain how I deliver value to others?
Express my personality through a distinctive style and tone?
Contain beautiful formatting with enough white space between paragraphs?
Include external validation (awards, accolades, testimonials)?
Feature polished writing that’s grammatically correct with no typos?
Use the most important keywords for which I want to be known—and use them multiple times?
Motivate readers to take action (learn more, reach out, etc.)?

Now, total your score.

30-39 = Your About nails it. Bravo!

29 or under = Your About needs boost.

To take your About to the next level, take a look at the items where you gave yourself a score a 1 or 2 and make changes to your profile.

Once refined, take your About on a test drive with key audiences.

The LinkedIn About Audience Evaluation

Pick trusted folks who will give your candid, thoughtful feedback on your About. Invite these assessors:

Target audience member
Friend/family member who knows the real you

Next, ask them these questions. Does my LinkedIn About:

Accurately capture me and the value I deliver?
Make you want to learn more about me?
Have holes or voids that need to be filled?
Convey both credibility and likability?

Then ask them this:

What single change would improve it?

Gather their feedback, and look for themes. Then, refine your About again. Once you’re satisfied with your updated, authentic, relevant and compelling About, upload it to show the world.

But you’re not done yet.

It’s time to bring your brand to life by supplementing your words with multimedia—video, images, documents. The section called Featured allows you to reinforce your About by showcasing the 3D you. Even if people don’t click on the items you include in Featured, what you include there makes your profile more visually interesting.

There you have it: a thoroughly tested LinkedIn About that lets your personal brand shine.

William Arruda is a keynote speaker, co-founder of CareerBlast.TV and creator of the 360Reach Personal Brand Survey that helps you get candid, meaningful feedback from people who know you.

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