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Keanu Reeves’ older version of John Constantine appears in a fan poster for Constantine 2, presenting an exciting opportunity for a brand-new story.
Constantine 2 will be released under DC’s Elseworlds umbrella, separate from the shared DC Universe, with a higher quality standard to meet.
The development of Constantine 2 is progressing well, with Reeves confirming a meeting with James Gunn and the story already broken, although the script is yet to be written.

Keanu Reeves’ older Hellblazer appears in an exciting Constantine 2 fan poster. The actor first played the demonologist in 2005’s Constantine, with a sequel for the movie remaining dormant for more than a decade. Even though DC is fully embarking on James Gunn’s new DC Universe, the studio is also looking at the opportunity for more standalone films, and Reeves finally appears to be getting his wish to return for a brand-new story in Constantine 2.

On Instagram, artist @spdrmnkyxxiii brought to life an older version of Reeves’ John Constantine in a gritty Constantine 2 fan poster.

The art sees Reeves’ Hellblazer look more like he does now, in John Wick movies and such, than as he did in the original Constantine. If the upcoming DC movie ends up making it to screens, an older John Constantine opens up a number of interesting doors for the film to explore.

Is Constantine 2 Actually Happening?

Back in September 2022, it was announced that Reeves would be returning as DC’s Hellblazer in Constantine 2. While there have not been many updates regarding the project’s story, Constantine 2 will not be part of the upcoming shared DC Universe that is being built by Gunn and Peter Safran. And because of that, DC has raised the bar for Constantine 2.

Reeves’ return movie as John Constantine will be released under DC’s new Elseworlds umbrella, which was announced by Gunn during the reveal of the first DCU projects. According to the DC Studios co-CEO, movies that are part of DC’s Elseworlds brand will not be set in the DCU’s canon. Gunn also confirmed that those standalone films, such as Constantine 2, The Batman – Part II, and Joker: Folie à Deux, will have a higher quality standard to meet than the DCU’s offerings in order to get approved.

Constantine 2‘s development progress has received a few updates since the movie was announced. In March, Reeves shared a positive Constantine 2 update, revealing that he had met with Gunn about the Elseworlds movie. Later, in July, Constantine 2 writer Akiva Goldsman revealed that he, Reeves, and director Francis Lawrence — who helmed the original Constantine — have already broken the story for the sequel, but the script itself was yet to be written due to the Writers Guild of America strike. Based on the updates, it seems like Constantine 2 remains on track for the moment.

Source: @spdrmnkyxxiii/Instagram

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