Sat. Mar 2nd, 2024

PCO is staying with TNA/IMPACT Wrestling, and President of IMPACT Wrestling Scott D’Amore comments on the news.

Fresh off the announcement that IMPACT will revert to TNA Wrestling in 2024, the company announced that PCO has signed a new contract. PCO previously gave notice, and his contract was set to expire on October 30. However, he will be remaining with TNA/IMPACT for some time to come.

Speaking on Press Pass with Tom Hannifan, Scott D’Amore discussed PCO re-signing with TNA/IMPACT.

“Wrestling, like all sports, has an ebb and a flow to it. I know some reports got out there about PCO. I mean, the fact was, we tried to handle it the way we handle anything. Something circulating on the internet, went to PCO, had a frank and honest conversation with him. Perfect Creation One said, ‘I don’t want to go anywhere. This is where I want to be.’

“So we sat there, I think it took us all of five minutes to walk out of there that very night with a handshake and kind of say, ‘Hey, this is what we’re working towards.’ Then getting it done, getting it done at Bound For Glory weekend, which is such an important and pivotal time for our company.”

Scott D’Amore: PCO Is A Shining Example Of A ‘Hard To Kill’ Attitude

Scott D’Amore went on to explain how he thinks the French-Canadian Frankenstein differentiates himself from the norm. He also stated that that PCO is a great example of a “hard to kill” attitude. D’Amore then expressed his excitement that PCO will be staying with the company.

“I think it’s great because PCO, when I think of TNA Wrestling, I think of AJ Styles, I think of Samoa Joe. But I think partially because they were so different than what the norm was then. When you start thinking about differentiating yourself from the norm, it doesn’t get much different than PCO. Here we are, [he] is the first of many wrestlers that I’m sure will be signing TNA contracts in the years to come.

“But I think what a story and what a testament, after the career that PCO has had and the reinvention of himself and what he’s done here on top of that these last couple years with IMPACT, I think PCO is a perfect and shining example of a never-quit attitude, a hard-to-kill attitude, and we’re excited to have PCO with us for long time.”

PCO recently stated that he plans to remain active as a performer for at least five more years. Check out his comments here.

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