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Regular Show
‘s Halloween specials, known as “Terror Tales of the Park,” are anthology episodes featuring spooky stories told by the main characters.

The Halloween episodes were inspired by
The Simpsons
‘ “Treehouse of Horrors” concept and have given Cartoon Network some of its creepiest episodes.

Each Halloween special in the series has its own set of scary stories, featuring characters like ghosts, killer dolls, and haunted houses.

Regular Show has produced a total of six special Halloween episodes, which are known as “Terror Tales of the Park.” Regular Show introduced the annual 30-minute specials in season 3 and has continued the tradition ever since. Each “Terror Tales of the Park” episode is an anthology of spooky stories related by the main characters, and are not considered Regular Show canon.

With the concept, Regular Show is responsible for some of Cartoon Network’s creepiest episodes. While there are many brilliant episodes of Regular Show, their Halloween specials are among the most memorable. Regular Show creator James Garland Quintel was reportedly inspired by The Simpsons‘ “Treehouse of Horrors” Halloween episodes and replicated a similar format for Regular Show‘s “Terror Tales of the Park.”

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1 Regular Show Season 3, Episode 4, “Terror Tales Of The Park”

The very first Regular Show Halloween special was season 3, episode 4, “Terror Tales of the Park.” It depicted Mordecai, Rigby, and their fellow groundskeepers, sharing scary stories. The first is “Creepy Doll,” a loose parody of Child’s Play, wherein the most likable Regular Show character, Pops, rediscovers his favorite childhood doll — which promptly comes to life and attacks him. The second story is “Death Metal Crash Pit,” which follows Muscle Man and Hi Five Ghost battling the spirits of a deceased hair-metal, whose ghosts are haunting an RV.

The third and final story, “In the House,” depicts Mordecai out on Halloween, dressed as a father with five fake children and hoping to scam a large amount of candy. En route, he encounters Rigby, and the pair eventually earn the ire of a vengeful wizard who transforms Rigby into a house. The other characters take refuge inside the Rigby house and soon befall gruesome fates comparable to the events of the Evil Dead franchise. The episode ends with an epilogue that reveals all the characters were unnerved by Rigby’s story. Rigby then unveils himself as the wizard in disguise, offering one final fright for Regular Show‘s first-ever Halloween special.

2 Regular Show Season 4, Episode 3, “Terror Tales Of The Park 2”

The second Regular Show Halloween special was season 4, episode 3, “Terror Tales of the Park 2.” This installment begins with the whole park gang traveling to a Halloween party, but upon becoming lost they begin regaling each other with spooky stories. The first, “Payback,” is recounted by Mordecai and depicts him being haunted by his uncle after accidentally killing him. The second story, “Party Bus,” is narrated by Margaret via speakerphone. It features Mordecai, Rigby, Eileen, and Margaret boarding a party bus that causes them to age as it journeys forward.

The final story in Regular Show‘s second Halloween special is related by Benson. During “Wallpaper Man,” Mordecai and Rigby are redecorating and decide to hire a wallpaper specialist who, it transpires, is an enormous malevolent spider. After telling their respective stories, the main characters ultimately crash into a tree outside their destination and subsequently attend the party as ghosts.

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3 Regular Show Season 5, Episode 8, “Terror Tales Of The Park 3”

The third Regular Show Halloween special, season 5, episode 8, “Terror Tales of the Park 3,” begins with the primary characters at a Halloween party. They all wager that they can relay the scariest story, with each betting their Halloween candy. Rigby relates the first tale, “Killer Bed.” In the story, Rigby purchases a bed, only to discover that the bed was previously a terrifying killer. The second story, “Jacked-Up Jack-o-Lantern,” is told by Muscle Man. It details Mordecai, Rigby, Muscle Man, and Hi-Five Ghost pumpkin smashing and accidentally destroying the head of a particularly terrifying scarecrow’s wife.

The final story from Regular Show‘s “Terror Tales of the Park 3” is told by Benson and is titled, “The Previous Owner.” Benson’s tale details the house being haunted by a 200-year-old poltergeist. Ultimately Benson is crowned the winner of the Halloween scary story contest, which is fitting as “The Previous Owner” is widely considered the best story from “Terror Tales of the Park.” In typical Regular Show Halloween special style, one final scare is delivered as Benson insists his tale was true.

4 Regular Show Season 6, Episode 4, “Terror Tales Of The Park 4”

In Regular Show season 4, episode 6 “Terror Tales of the Park 4,” the gang decides to visit Muscle Man’s mother on Halloween and share some more terrifying tales during their journey. Pop volunteers the first, titled “The Hole.” During Pop’s tale, he has been selected to be sacrificed by being thrown into a chasm, reminiscent of Shirley Jackson’s dystopian novel The Lottery. The second story is told by Benson. “Unfinished Business” depicts Mordecai and Rigby who, having died, are haunting their house and refusing to leave.

The third story is regaled by Rigby and is called “Scary Movie Night.” It features Mordecai, Rigby, Eileen, and CJ getting sucked into a horror film and having to struggle to survive. Eventually, the gang all arrive at Muscle Man’s mother’s trailer, with a trademark final twist revealing that the premise was a set-up to prank the characters. “Terror Tales of the Park 4” bears the most similarities to stories from The Simpsons‘ “Treehouse of Horrors” concept but explores them in different, dynamic ways.

5 Regular Show Season 7, Episode 9, “Terror Tales Of The Park 5”

The fifth Halloween special is considered one of Regular Show‘s finest. Season 7, episode 9, “Terror Tales of the Park 5,” uses a slightly different framing story than previous installments. It features the gang at the park’s annual Halloween Party, for which Benson has hired a wish-making machine, named Racki the Wishmaker. Upon making a wish, characters are subject to visions. The first is Benson’s, told in the segment “Mr. Boss Man,” during which he purchases a puppet to motivate Mordecai and Rigby, which soon comes to life.

Pop’s wish, depicted in the segment titled “Werepops,” involves a werewolf on trial, with the park gang is serving jury duty. Hi-Five Ghost makes the third wish, instigating a tale called “Going Up,” which concerns him becoming trapped inside an elevator while visiting Celia. “Terror Tales of the Park 5” is the only RegularShow Halloween special to feature a fourth story. Rigby’s wish, “Chocolatude,” sees Mordecai and Rigby trick or treating and encountering a witch with devilish chocolate.

6 Regular Show Season 8, Episode 19, “Terror Tales Of The Park 6

Regular Show made a dramatic change to its narrative in season 8, transporting the entire show into outer space. Accordingly, season 8, episode 19, “Terror Tales of the Park 6” has a science-fiction slant to the narratives. Each story is told during the annual Halloween party. Skips tells the first story, “Fear Planet,” which features Mordecai, Rigby, Pop, and Benson visiting a planet that brings their greatest fears to life. The second story, “King Size Candy Bars,” is recounted by Eileen. During this tale, the gang is trick-or-treating on the Space Tree Station, where they encounter a house inhabited by vampires.

The final tale is narrated by Rigby. “Alien Roommate” is a parody of the Alien franchise and features an alien named Shannon, who moves in with the gang. The framing story concludes with the gang flying into a black hole and being transformed into spaghetti. This final “Terror Tales of the Park” special is unique for its science fiction tone but still proffers a final spooky delight by the end that the Regular ShowHalloween episodes became renowned for.

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