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Kraven and his Hunters have established Hunter Blinds and Hunter Bases throughout New York City in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Peter and Miles must take out the Hunter Blinds in each district to find their associated Hunter Base. Hunter Blinds are smaller versions of the Hunter Bases full of watchful enemies. When you complete a Hunter Blind, you’ll get a clue about its associated Hunter Base.

Hunter Blinds are best completed with a stealth approach. If you swing in webs-blazing, the Hunters will summon reinforcements, making the fight harder. The Hunter Blinds are a great exercise in rooftop stealth, requiring the player to use their new web lines to get the right elevation over the Hunters. Each district with Hunter Blinds focuses on a certain type of base; the Motorpool, the Arsenal, the Garden, and the Aviary.

Where To Find Hunter Blinds In Spider-Man 2

Once you tackle the Hunter Blind in the main story, more Hunter Blinds should appear around New York. Harlem houses three Motorpool Hunter Blinds. The first Harlem Hunter Blind is in the heart of the district along the diagonal street. This Blind showcases weaknesses in the Motorpool Hunter Base.

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The second Hunter Blind is due west of the first Harlem Hunter Blind and helps pinpoint certain vehicles Peter and Miles must find. Finally, head toward the northwest dock where the third Hunter Blind (and the location of the Motorpool Hunter Base) waits.

The order of information remains the same in each district, but the Hunter Blind you get the info from may change depending on when you enter it.

The next district with Hunter Blinds in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is the Upper West Side, which slowly directs Peter and Miles to the Arsenal Hunter Base. When you finish in Harlem, head to the northeast corner of the Upper West Side and learn about the comms center on the roof of a tall pointed building. Then you can head to the middle of the district’s western border and pinpoint the laser traps inside the Arsenal. Finally, swing dead east to the other border and find the location of the Arsenal.

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The Financial District houses the Garden Hunter Base, and each Hunter Blind sits in a row along the western side of the district. The northernmost Hunter Blind is near the Brooklyn Bridge and shows off the Garden comms center along the left of the blueprint once you’ve cleared the place out.

Then head southwest of the first Hunter Blind to a spot full of laser traps. This is a unique Hunter Blind that requires you to turn off the laser’s power source before closing some gas pipes related to the base.

The third Hunter Blind is nestled in the southeast corner of the Financial District and shows off the Garden’s location. Once you finish the Garden Hunter Base, you can head across the Brooklyn Bridge and track down the two Hunter Blinds in Downtown Brooklyn, home to one of the easiest trophies to collect in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. The district’s first Hunter Blind is just south of where the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges fade out, near the center of the district.

Once you get access to the blueprint, you’ll need to pinpoint three drones in the Downtown Brooklyn Hunter Base. Once you’ve found them, you can swing northeast to the Hunter Blind near the lower northern border of Downtown Brooklyn. From there, you’ll get the location of the last Hunter Base in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: The Aviary.

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