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TWO friends murdered by Hamas during their brutal attacks on Israel have been buried together as their heartbroken loved ones pay tribute.

Lynn Daphne and Ziv Frankel, both 22, were among hundreds killed when Hamas opened fire at a music festival near the Israel border.

Twitter/visegrad24Lynn Daphne and Ziv Frankel, both 22, were among hundreds killed when Hamas opened fire at a music festival near the Israel border[/caption]

Twitter/visegrad24The childhood friends, described as inseparable, were buried together in Israel Kibbutz Ein Hamfaretz[/caption]

TWITTERRevellers seen fleeing the Nova festival in southern Israel after Hamas launched their savage attack[/caption]

The childhood friends, described as inseparable, have been buried together in Israel Kibbutz Ein Hamfaretz.

A heartbreaking post online has paid tribute to the pair, describing them as “the embodiment of happiness, radiance, and sociability”.

The tribute was shared by cardiologist Dr Afshine Emrani, who has been posting information about those who have died in Israel.

He shared Ziv’s final moments, claiming that she was able to send a message to her parents during the attack with a photo of her hiding under a table.

He said her phone died shortly after sending the haunting picture.

Ziv then apparently sent a WhatsApp message to her mother from Lin’s phone, suggesting they were together at the time.

It read: “Mom, I’m in the attack, I love you.”

He said the “connection was tragically severed” soon after.

The Nova music festival was the first target of the Hamas terrorists as they paraglided across the border and unleashed terror on unsuspecting festival-goers on October 7.

Horrified rescuers found 260 bodies after the fanatics cut power at the site and opened fire.

The terror group also killed babies and burned entire families alive in several villages, including Kfar Aza and Be’eri where some infants were reportedly found beheaded.

More than two weeks on, Israel faces the brutal task of identifying hundreds of burned and mutilated bodies, including babies.

A makeshift mortuary set up at a military base sees an army of forensic and dental experts and medics, working around the clock to identify the dead.

The team has identified almost 800 bodies so far, with 688 released to families for burial.

The touching tribute to Ziv and Lynn said they were to be buried together in a joint funeral at Lin’s Kibbutz.

It read: “Ziv, a resident of Kiryat Motzkin, will be laid to rest in Ein HaFaretz beside her close friend Lin, a cherished member of the kibbutz.

“Their deep bond shines through in this final tribute.

“Lynn and Ziv were inseparable. They explored South America, attended the Nova party with friends, and ravelled in the joys of life, travelling the world, enjoying parties, and daring adventures like bungee jumping.

“They were the embodiment of happiness, radiance, and sociability. People were naturally drawn to them.

“Sadly, their journey led them to the Nova festival, which ended in a horrifying tragedy.

“Our thoughts and condolences are with their families during this difficult time.”

Others shared their tributes online, sending “thoughts and prayers” to the families of the young women.

Instagram/afshineemraniA tribute online labelled them inseparable and described the chilling picture Ziv sent to her parents before she died[/caption]

An Israeli officer searches the site of the festival after the brutal attack that killed Lynn and Ziv


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