Thu. Jun 13th, 2024

ISRAEL’S invasion of Gaza could begin as early as this week after the US reportedly made a chilling request to buy more time to get its defences in place fearing a massive regional conflict.

American officials are said to have persuaded IDF forces to hold off until they can deliver air defence systems to the region to protect their troops.

EPAIsraeli tanks and troops have already begun conducting raids inside Gaza as they prepare for a full ground invasion[/caption]

GettyIDF forces continue to blitz Gaza with air attacks ahead of the land invasion, which could come as early as this week[/caption]

EPATanks and soldiers have been gathered near Israel’s border with the Gaza Strip for days[/caption]

The US is working fast to protect American soldiers in the area including those in Iraq, Syria, Kuwait, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, from missiles and rockets.

They are scrambling to get almost a dozen of the advanced air defence systems to the region amid fears of an all-out war.

Officials said they also believe troops could be targeted by other militant groups, as well as Hamas, once Israel’s long awaited invasion begins.

In Iraq and Syria there have been at least 13 attacks, using drones and missiles, which resulted in the death of an American.

A US drone was also destroyed and dozens of troops were injured, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Israel has already massed tanks, called up over 360,000 troops, and evacuated its own civilians from the border area.

And just days ago the IDF vowed to ramp up airstrikes on Gaza as it prepares for the “next stage of war”.

Israeli PM Netanyahu previously vowed “We are striking at our enemies with unprecedented might – this is just the beginning. We will end this war stronger than ever.”

“We will destroy Hamas,” he added, saying Israel has widespread international support for the operation.

Israeli forces have vowed to ‘destroy Hamas’ with their invasion of GazaRex Features


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