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A MUM has shared a chilling warning after her baby almost suffocated with the bowl sucked to her face.

Laci, from Texas, fed her daughter scrambled eggs from a silicone suction bowl, which prevents kids from smashing plates on the floor.

FacebookA child fused the silicone bowl over her head and started suffocating[/caption]

FacebookThe terrified mother had to rush to rescue a rattled baby[/caption]

But in just seconds, breakfast turned into a near-death experience for the baby.

As a child fused the bowl over her head and started suffocating, the terrified mother had to rush to remove it.

“She placed her head in her bowl and it suctioned immediately to her face perfectly. The bowl was slick and greasy from her eating. When I leaned over the island to pull it off, my hands slipped off the bowl

“With every scream she made, the bowl suctioned tighter and tighter. I ran around the island and was able to dig my fingers up under the bowl to break the seal and finally free her.”

The baby was “shaken up” after the accident and the mother “shudders” at the thought of her breathless even for a few seconds.

The mum-of-three dreads to think what could have happened if she was distracted washing the dishes or cleaning the kitchen just meters away.

Laci said: “Thank goodness she was only without air for a handful of seconds. This could have been terrible had I not been literally watching as it happened. And it happened so fast!”  

Laci was snapping photographs of her baby enjoying the food when the chilling incident happened.

The camera caught the moment the screaming baby’s chest and throat caved as she was running out of breath.

Laci said it never occurred to her that the popular bowls could be so dangerous.

“Maybe I should have already considered this a possibility and maybe there are reports of this already that I was unaware of. I haven’t been a ‘new’ mum in many years, and my bigs didn’t have these bowls,” she said.

The silicone bowls have a suction cup on the bottom that sticks to the highchair and prevents kids from throwing dishes on the floor.

Laci said her daughter’s bowl didn’t adhere to the chair properly and was lifted off easily.

She took to Facebook to warn other parents of a potential hazard.

“I have been known to toss kitchen stuff to my babies to play with (wooden spoons, cups, Tupperware) while I’m washing dishes to keep them occupied since they like to hang down by my feet. What if I had tossed her HER bowl and I missed this happening?”

The mum added that she feels “ridiculously awful” about the whole incident and will stay away from suction bowls in the future.

Her post caught the attention of parents around the world who expressed their gratitude for the lifesaving advice.

One woman wrote: “Thank you for sharing, I can’t imagine how scared you must’ve been! I’m so glad she is okay! I am a new mum after nine years, also using these bowls for the first time. I would have never thought of that being a danger.”

Another user added: “I never would have guessed this in a million years. You’re a wonderful mama, and there’s no way you could have predicted this.”

A third replied: “Crazy! We’ve got the shallow, smaller diameter version of these. I’m definitely going to check them out a bit closer versus our kids. Thank you for the awareness and glad everything is OK.”

Most parents were just as shocked as Laci.

One mum wrote: “I have the exact same bowl and never could have imagined that happening – thanks for sharing.”

Most parents around the world were shocked at the unknown hazard


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