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TOP Russian officials crafted a mad plan to unleash a space rocket crammed with explosives on Kyiv, leaked phone calls have revealed.

The diabolical plot, which included launching a 9-ton mega-bomb from a 164ft rocket on the Ukrainian capital, was presented to Putin.

East2WestDmitry Rogozin – who was heard discussing the diabolical plot on the leaked calls – pictured with Vladimir Putin[/caption]

East2WestRogozin has been previously linked to the the Satan-2 missile, an ‘unstoppable’ weapon the size of a 14-storey tower block that could ‘sink the UK’[/caption]

East2WestDmitri Baranov, current Russian rocket chief, was also on the call discussing the possibility of unleashing a 9-ton mega-bomb on a Ukrainian city[/caption]

The madcap plot was revealed by an intercepted phone call between the former head of the Russian Space Agency Dmitry Rogozin and current rocket chief Dmitri Baranov.

It is unclear what the Russian dictator chose to do about the diabolical plan after it was shared with him by a close aid this year.

But Rogozin, fired from his space agency role by Mad Vlad just last year, was recently given a top government job as a Russian senator.

The genocidal scheme involves using a Soyuz rocket and altering it to prevent it from reaching space, instead smashing back down onto a Ukrainian city – likely Kyiv.

It indicated the use of a 9-ton mega-bomb according to the recordings leaked by German outlet Bild.

Current rocket chief Baranov can be heard telling Rogozin that the 164ft rocket could be steered in “any direction we want” after launch.

The senior Russian official is responsible for overseeing launches used in missions to the International Space Station.

He pointed out a key problem to Rogozin on the recording with the country’s current bombs. 

“It’s a supersonic re-entry into the atmosphere, and the existing heavy FAB-500 aerial bombs don’t work, they’re starting to overheat. 

“Our guided bombs are not designed for this either, and they have no protection against overheating.”

Meaning this giant bomb could explode as it reenters the atmosphere after launch, wreaking untold havoc on innocent people below.

The conspirators feared that parts of the terrifying rocket bomb could fall on Russian territory.

According to the leaked recordings, an impatient Rogozin demands: “How big are the crash areas? Where do we have risks?”

He also asks in a voicemail: “Approximately how long will it take to prepare all this s***?”

Baranov tells him: “It might take six months, but that’s kind of the upper limit.”

Ultimately he appears to assure him the scheme would work, saying the launch towards a target is possible and the debris wouldn’t be a problem.

Those on the calls refer to Putin by terms like the “great and terrible”, according to Bild.

At one point Rogozin says: “Today I am seeing the man who will meet our Great and Terrible [Vladimir Putin].”

“Had a chat with Vaino [Anton Vaino, head of the Russian presidential administration],” he said. 

“Told him about this huge thing, that might arrive from the Arkhangelsk region. He got really interested.

“And asked to prepare a memo by Monday, so that he reports it to the Chief [Putin].”

Putin is believed to have been told about the Armageddon scheme on January 16 this year.

Rogozin was fired from the Russian Space Agency last year after threatening to let the “International Space Station” and its Western astronauts crash into a NATO country.

He was also closely associated with the Satan-2 missile, an “unstoppable” weapon the size of a 14-storey tower block that could “sink the UK”.

“We just need to finish some of the procedures in a purely administrative and bureaucratic way and move on to mass production and putting them on combat duty,” said Putin on the weapon earlier this month. 

“And we will do this in the near future.”

Yet this directly contradicted the words of his current space agency chief who said on 1 September that the Satan-2 “has been put on combat duty”.

East2WestDmitry Rogozin – who was heard discussing the diabolical plot on the leaked calls – pictured with Vladimir Putin in 2022[/caption]

East2WestRogozin can be heard saying that Anton Vaino, head of the Russian presidential administration, asked him to prepare a memo on the genocidal rocket scheme[/caption]

GettyThe plan would involve unleashing hell on a Ukrainian city, likely Kyiv[/caption]


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