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With the return to office and the hybrid work pattern comes the question: what should I wear? Follow … [+] these pointers and you won’t go wrong.


Work locations are evolving. The question of whether to work remotely or in the office is being settled by the new solution that is being rapidly adopted by organizations worldwide: the hybrid work model. This new era for workers is impacting everything from company cultures and headcount, to commercial real estate and fashion. And with employees being lured back (or forced back as the case may be) into the office, comes the confusion as to what to wear as we evolve out of our remote work hibernation.

When one has been accustomed to wearing pyjamas or loungewear while working from home since the pandemic, it’s easy to dislike the rigmarole of going back into the office and having to worry about what to wear, ironing or dry cleaning clothes, and donning less comfortable attire to look appropriate for work. The conflict of transitioning into the office poses the question: What should I wear to when I return to the office?

The flexible collaborative workspace provider, IWG, conducted a recent survey in which its findings concluded that 79% of all hybrid workers have started dressing differently as an impact of their flexible work environments. The data also highlighted the latest fashion trends infiltrating the office space: 47% of respondents report they embrace “quiet luxury” styles in the office, while 38% prefer “dopamine dressing,” which is choosing to wear whatever brings you joy for that moment.

In this new era of hybrid work, here are a few key factors to bear in mind when returning back to the office for the frequent—or not-so-frequent—team catch-up:

Personal Brand Image

Consider that every aspect of how you represent yourself, from your fashion sense to the aura and presence you bring to work, and even your body language, impact people’s perspective of you and the quality of your work, and consequently, whether you like it or not, how they treat you.

Ask yourself, what impact or first impression do I want to leave with my clients, stakeholders, or team members, in relation to my role and my seniority level? Where permissible with your employer, define a work fashion that embodies your personality and reflects the image and personal brand message you want to portray to the public. And remember that it’s OK for your fashion sense to evolve over time and vary across different seasons. What you wore to the office pre-pandemic may not be what you would want to wear now.

What Makes You Comfortable

Remember that your comfort is paramount. Perhaps dressing head to toe in a suit or wearing stilettos may not be practical for you, so make adjustments and tweaks until you strike the perfect balance.

A common dress code for many offices is business casual which maintains professional boundaries while ensuring comfort. Women might consider wearing an oversized blazer with jeans, statement blouses, ballet flats or pumps, comfortable heels, smart casual pants with a slim belt, or a sheath dress, sprucing up plainer outfits with statement pieces and makeup. Men might opt for golf pants, polos, or a pair of slim-fit jeans, chinos, or khakis; you might even want to try tucking a polo into a pair of jeans to look stylishly pulled together.

Dress For The Day

Another rule of thumb for hybrid work fashion is to dress for the day. Pick your work-week outfit at the beginning of the week so you’re not scurrying around to find something to throw on or prepare at the last minute. Look at your weekly schedule and consider the days you will be going into the office and what those activities for the day might involve. Perhaps what you would choose to wear in a day full of business negotiation meetings would vary significantly from your fashion choices for a team training day, where you would sport a more casual look.

Ultimately, hybrid workwear comes down to dressing in a way that is appropriate to the setting and occasion, is comfortable, and ultimately reflects your personal brand identity as a professional and expert within your field. How you dress for the future impacts perceptions and can open or close doors—therefore choose wisely and decide what works for you.

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