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This was followed up by the Boston accent, which came second last – a dialect Alvarez said was the “worst in the world”.

The only British accent to feature in the bottom ten was the Yorkshire twang, which finished up eighth least desirable.

The accent was described by Alvarez as the “soccer hooligan” type of Britain – but his impression of it was nothing short of terrible.

However, when the list was flipped the UK had a surprising accent waving the flag for it.

The Birmingham accent – also affectionately known as Brummie – was ranked number eight of the list, with both podcasters claiming to have never heard it.

Alvarez said: “Brummie? Don’t know what that is.”

Santagato replied: What the f** is Brummie? It sounds like English type of s***.”

What’s perhaps most surprising is the Birmingham accent has experienced a huge boom in recent times – thanks in part to its portrayal in Peaky Blinders.

As well as Birmingham’s accent featuring highly, so too did the Welsh twang which was slotted in at position number seven.

The Irish accent finished up fourth, while the sound of Londoners speaking was ranked as the world’s second-sexiest accent.

Santagato said: “I love that… I do like the London accent a lot.”

Alvarez added: “I do like London, but I think people are just confused because they think they’re all smart while I’ve heard they’re all dumb…”

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