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A WOMAN dubbed a narco influencer has reportedly been shot dead in broad daylight.

At least two hitmen opened fire on Sabrina Durán Montero as she sat in a car in Padre Hurtado, Chile, on Tuesday morning.

A woman dubbed a ‘narco influencer’ was shot dead in broad daylight

Jam Press VidSabrina Durán Montero, 24, was killed as she sat in her car in Padre Hurtado, Chile[/caption]

Jam Press VidThe influencer’s vehicle was later found in flames after being driven away from the scene by the killers[/caption]

A chilling video recorded by a bystander showed the 24-year-old lying face down in the middle of a street in Santiago after being shot by a masked assailant.

In the footage Durán is already seen laying on the ground trying to get up when a gunman steps forward and fires multiple shots before using her vehicle to escape.

The car was later found burnt out about half an hour’s drive away in Quilicura.

Durán, who went by the alias “La Ina”, had hundreds of thousands of social media followers as she was dubbed “The TikTok Narco Queen”.

She was rushed to a local hospital with at least eight gunshot wounds but doctors were unable to save her life.

The mum-of-one was on her way to a nail salon when she was stopped by three men in the Santiago town of Padre Hurtado, local media reported.

Police believe her killing may have been a settling of scores by a rival gang.

Durán “had a criminal record, specifically for receiving stolen vehicles and drug trafficking, and had been released from serving a sentence approximately a month ago,” Police chief Leonel Muñoz said on Tuesday.

She was reportedly on parole at the time of her death.

Durán and her two brothers were arrested at the beginning of 2023 on suspicion of supplying, distributing and trafficking cannabis, cocaine, MDMA, and magic mushrooms.

During her time behind bars, she reportedly began a same-sex relationship with her cellmate, Antonella Marchant.

Antonella, leader of the notorious Los Marchant clan, was sentenced to 15 years in prison after her arrest in 2021.

At the time of writing, Sabrina had 431,000 followers on TikTok, where she also went by the names Katrina Gusman and Juakina Gusman.

Many of her selfie videos have been watched millions of times.

The hitmen were still at large at the time of reporting.

The investigation continues.

Jam Press VidSabrina was nicknamed ‘The TikTok Narco Queen’ and had thousands of followers online[/caption]


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