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Good morning my favorite team!
GM, thanks for joining

Good morning everyone!
Hi Payam

can’t hear anyone
Adjust your volume and zoom settings, rejoin.

Scott you still Jazzed about VRTX?
trying to be, market issues

GM. Its a snow day in Idaho
Take a day off to shovel

Good Morning IBD Live from Always Sunny in Philadelphia
GM, enjoy the day

I would like to know whether Scott bought NVDA on the big reversal on Monday and if not, what the chances of the sun rising in the west and setting in the east are.
yes but sold too quickly as usual

Should of bought that call on MSFT!!
Poised for a big gap up

Ali, when you have a moment, specifically which software do you use for your greenscreen? You never “glitch,” we never lose your ear or your hand. It’s the best greenscreen effect I’ve seen online, thanks.
Here’s her behind the scenes setup link

will take a look

Good Morning IBD live!!!
GM Ken

scott your take on the Market with webby, Irusha, and Jim Roppel was excellent and much appreciated. You do a great job weekly.
Glad you enjoyed it

Oh man VRT popping on earnings
will do our best to cover

GM IBD from Centerville, MA
Hi Phil…

How bout that bit coin!!
Ramping up

Hump day is here, and today’s crew should offer an entertaining show with Scott St. Clair and his self-effacing insights.
Should be a good show

Morning. Scott, what do you think about TK, TNK, INSW?
live answered

Holy moly! VRT

can we discuss costco
we’ll do our best to get to it

If Harold is working Dark Ops today, would he comment on how he undoes his MSFT iron condor now that earnings have been released.
He’s not online yet

@Scott are the VRT ducks quacking today? Thank you!
live answered

live answered

How is Scott liking Fro?
Scott called this one correctly and early

They are taking profits on VRT
That gap filled quickly didn’t it?

why is VRT diving?
live answered

Regulation FD seems to have negatively affected the CANSLIM methodology making it difficult to make any progress by holding stocks for the longer term. Seems we need to adjust our methodology to be more shorter term traders.
Interesting thoughts

Will Leaderboard sell META before E tonight
Hi Thorne, I don’t think we would completely exit the position, a half right now; but we added a quarter position on Sept 11 at 306.93; the team might decide to trim here, but we may also look at swapping the quarter position for an earnings
call option too? We’ll see!

scott : please review URNM
yes, SRUUF is making new highs so….

live answered

FICO had a terrible day, especially for a more stable LTL.
Related to TRU earnings I think was mentioned by the panel earlier this week.

Scott, your presentation at Founders Club was fantastic. Thanks for sharing insight into your personal trading story.
Glad you enjoyed the event.

Scott likes skf , is Faz the same or what does he see as difference
same just more levered, 3X vs. 2X

“It’s a bear market, you know.”
Appears to be

SNOXX is Schwab specific, do you have others that are more generally available
Vanguard MM 5.29% 7 day yield

Market Liquidity – Fidelity lets you use Money Market funds WITHOUT selling first, unlike Schwab/TD Ameritrade.
oh more reason to move my $ to them

You need to relook at vrt!
Running back up huge now

What is supposed to happen after 3 waves down?
Hopefully a good follow through day!

Can you guys go over VRT again? I was only half-paying attention to your earlier comments, and the earnings rpt was pretty stellar. Would love a follow up.
you can check the playback later today

I don’t quite understand so please ask Scott to elaborate on the idea that the market is no longer the old market. Thank You!
The indexes have very heavy weightings in a few names. So the “market” is not representative of all stocks in the same way. But there are other ETFs and indexes we can take a look at to get a sense of what’s going on underneath the surface.
With poor breadth, it’s stock picker’s market right now!

Labd some thing happening here
live answered

Can you look again at VRT? After this shakeout actionable now?
live answered

Justin is so correct, that we are bent toward positive for the market. If not, we would not be here talking about the market at all. There are other ways to make money and manage risk than the stock market.
Justin always has good insight

Scott, Thank you for URNM discussion a couple of weeks ago.
so far so good

live answered

Refilling the SPR is still an issue too.
For sure; it seems the White House is trying to refill it carefully, not pay dearly.

Please add TDW to the comparison thanks
live answered

RSP is testing Monday’s low at the moment…
live answered

I won’t touch oil with a 10 foot pole.
having some success with TRMD

Oil has peaked in price.
Is that because you are expecting a global recession?

Scott, given your predilection for selling too early but loving the uranium trade, how do you manage your uranium positions?
Once in awhile you need to take a chance on something. Mostly I sell, sometimes I develop conviction if I get ahead and risk the profits

RELY holding nicely
live answered

Is GLD at its pivot? Vol looks good to start the day
live answered

White House sold at top…No real refilling efforts made and could prove to be sticky and oily issue,
Literally and figuratively!

One of my favorite Tom Basso stats from Founders Club was from Jan 1964 – Oct 2018, 60% of the days in the market were sideways, 30% were up days and 10% were down days.
Interesting stats

New 52 week low on Russell 2000 today

Vrt a large holding for druckenmiller in the teens. Probably lighten the Position!!
Good pick by Stan The Man.

Private: Dave, since you are doing news, New Homes 759K vs 685K cons
Was just going to check! Thanks!

If today was a washout day, what would that look like?
Let’s look for huge turnover; a very big intraday range; a massive ratio in terms of down stocks vs up stocks — 10 to 1, 15 to 1?

agi breaking out, thoughts?
For sure, likely the best stock in its group.

Thank you, Scott. So you don’t “get cute” and trade around it when you have conviction. You have your position, you just let it do its thing?
yep, with a line in the sand somewhere to protect yourself

Currently reading NUMBER GO UP. Terrific and hilarious expose of crypto shenanigans by Zeke Faux (pronounced Fox).
Everyone should check it out…

TSLA is up. Fighting a good fight
Agree; but still a big job in recouping last week’s losses too.

AGI breaking out today. It’s always questionable when a gold stock does anything due to the underlying metal’s inscrutability. But if you go just by the chart’s technicals, it’s impressive at all time frames. What say you now? Actionable?
Right. If real interest rates are staying positive, giving investors reason to buy and hold fixed income securities, it’s less a reason to own gold. That said, gold miners can produce earnings and dividends, and that could be one reason why
AGI is attracting buyers. 0.8% yield. Cheers, Hatman —

midcaps just as bad as small caps. midcap futures EMD new 52 week lows
Good point; I see MDY now 14% off its 52-week peak; that’s an intermediate correction for sure.

FTAI their fixing their old jets
Sounds like a good business James!

Scott, how about CCJ?
live answered

SMCI is up 3 days now. Watch this when it goes thru 50 day.
Def a good stock to keep watching

Holding up – probably helped by big customer MSFT. Meta is another big customer and ANET earnings aren’t far away.

Ali, how do we get the webby rsi
not implemented in MS

Makes sense

can we look at $AVAV?
live answered

What about BITO? It’s 1% below its pivot
live answered

Bit coin is an imaginary element
nice analogy

can Hatman touch on labd and drv
live answered

How soon after earnings is MktSmth updated? (for example VRT)
VRT posted already. Try to get earnings posted asap but still transitioning to DJ servers and data feed to get more timely updates.

Looks like gold has been about flat since 2011
Right, when inflation was pretty much contained during the 2010s.

Panel, please comment on $FICO. Thanks.
FICO clearly seems to be moving on TRU – which crashed Tue. on weak results.

webby rsi 2.0 is a staple indicator for me. keeps me away from buying extended
Nice! Good point

Is Gold’s recent success due to a “Short Squeeze?” Has it been heavily shorted recently? Something to research and verify . . . .
Anne-Marie Baiynd was at the Founder’s Club this weekend and that was her assessment. It had that feel to her.

Foreign country’s treasuries buy GOLD, not crypto
True. Read that “rogue” nations buy and sell weapons w/ gold as a medium.

I’m signing off. Going to practice my golf. Cape Cod AM on Friday.
Have a good one!

buy a Rolex
Ha! I like that. I’ve inherited an old wind-up Rolex from my father, who received it as a gift from my grandfather in 1965. Just spent $600 to rehaul and repolish it, hopefully money worth spent!

GLD vs SPY…does that include the dividend yield on the SPY? or is the comparison just on the price index level of the SPY…
Great Q! If the average dividend yield is 2%-3% for the S&P, wow, over 20 years, that’s serious compounding, eh David?

GOLD and US blue chip equities are both tied to devaluing the US $ – dollar value down, equities & gold up LT
Hmm, that’s an interesting point. For equities, I’d say earnings has a big factor too, though.

ANET has always kicked my butt too, seemingly a failed breakout every time
live answered

Etrade indicates that SRUUF is OTC. Adds risk.
something to consider

Normal Action for VRTX today?
I would think so. In a new mini trading range, wouldn’t you say, Chris? I bought a small pilot position for now.

“Dear David, excellent comments about Gold. Chapeaux!”
Thank you very much Enrique! Glad it was useful. +

Thanks for keeping us grounded in this crazy market!

russell monthly chart
Down 7%. Scarier than a haunted house!

HatmanED: I was out for about 30 minutes. Did the show talk about Chinese stocks and impact of yesterday’s news that Late Tuesday, China stepped up support for the economy by making moves including issuing extra sovereign debt and raising
the budget deficit ratio. The plan includes issuing additional sovereign debt worth 1 trillion yuan ($137 billion) in the fourth quarter to support disaster relief and construction. BABA, PDD, etc.
There had been reports in recent weeks of a 1 tril yuan deficit-fueled stimulus, so maybe this relatively boost was somewhat priced in. Shanghai closed well off highs. Aside from PDD, I’m seeing a lot of notable China names (including BABA/JD), down today.

Qs appear to be bottoming, MACD bullish divergence

I added a couple of RS moving averages on my charts after the weekend session. They were working well, and now are not showing on my MS charts anymore. Why would this happen?
MA’s are set per timeframe. Check daily/weekly and your settings

can you please comment on MPTI. thanks
Hi Vinod, thank you for joining us; That earnings breakaway gap on Aug 11 was breathtaking, wow. Extended, of course, now, so don’t chase. And if it stumbles near 30, it might cool off, and be a good time to take at least some profits. Thinly traded; avg vol 30k shares.

Let’s see if AVAV “hover” near its previous high and consolidate
Hah, waiting for shares to take off!

“Earnings Whispers We had Black Monday in October 1987, Black Tuesday in October 1929, Black Wednesday in September 1992, and Black Thursday in October 1929. Is Black Friday reserved for retailers, or is that term still available?”
Ha ha! Seems like the retailers want to make big sales on other days too, though! Amazon Prime Day?

ADBE, pull back of AI stock. Comments please
live answered

WING??? Bunch of weeks tight…
Maybe an earnings bounce could be actionable next week. CMG on Thu. MCD also comes before WING.

Thank you Justin for the GLD vs. SPY dividend clarifications…
live answered

Man KRE looks bad can’t be good?
Weak for sure. Q3 earnings have not been good for the banks overall!

Good morning! AJG going to the top of my turtle watch list.
Nice! It’s done well since we added Gallagher to IBD Long-Term Leaders.

I had set them per timeframe. Are there other settings to look at?
contact [email protected] for support if you need help

CME reversing higher, does David Ryan want to jump in on some news to share from the earnings call like he did with INSW in the past?
I haven’t had a chance to listen to the call. I haven’t sold any and it is coming back nicely. They beat on earnings but the revenue was a little under estimates. That is why it opened down 3%.

There was a fumble from Ali but recovered quickly… another sport analogy LOL

How do you get the IBD live list under the favorites?
From the bottom gray bar, where you access the list, hover your mouse over it until you see the little grey triangle appear next to the name. Click the triangle and under List Actions, it should say Add To Favorites

Hello, I enjoy the show. Scott is only on once per week. I really appreciate his perspectives. Love to hear more of his opinions on the single day he is present. Thanks.
thanks Jake

bearish in IRAs? sell call spreads,, buy put spreads, etc
True, but for me I dont have option agreement in my IRA’s. I dont want it

INSW IBD’s (Yesterday) Stock of the day having a good morning. +1.97% Vol +312% Will it run up against resistance near $48.50?
Will see if that spike on 8/9 poses resistance.


Scott – Thank you for doing the Take on the Market with Webby, Roppel, and Irusha. You could have easily taken a “travel” or “work” day and cancelled the show, but you put it on, despite technological and location challenges. Thank you for your commitment to your customers and the above guys for delivering their insight so willingly. All of you are class acts.
thanks a lot!

what is a fat finger trade??
I’ve also heard it used on occasion referring to similar tickers, i.e. buying ZOOM (a relatively obscure tech company) instead of ZM (the video conferencing company)

what is a fat finger trade??
Where a trading desk makes an error. They meant to sell 1000 shares and add a zero or more by accident.

CME only trades 1.3 mil on average.
But the $$ volume is robust.

How about Caterpillar?
Trying to hold the 200-day line. Earnings next week. URI reports tonight.

RELY? Thanks!
live answered

Glad it’s helpful for you. Thanks for watching

Thanks for your insights, team. I’ve learned much from your bits and pieces, week after week, on how to short…when the time is right.
Thanks for tuning in…

ALI – NATR is it a buy
Buy point was a few days back. Extended now.

Ed is too neutral! lol
I have no opinion on that.

ALI Your Too Neutral!!!! Haha :).

You guys are goldilocks – just right : )

Does the IBD live panel only review symbols in the watch or ready list?
taking requests for lighting round. open season

Is David’s son still in DRV?

3x principal is 300% not principal plus 300%
My understanding has always been 3X

There are no 4x ETF’s. They were brought up 2-3 years ago, but were shot down.
is 3X not enough?

Bottom line, you guys do a phenomenal job, and you deliver meaningful value every single day. In fact, the overall value you provide your customers is exceptional – you provide (us) a high ROI. Thank you!
Aw thanks James!

Look at VRT again up and down as a yoyo
Yeah. It’ll be wild session.

Thank you, Justin Well done
live answered

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