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A CAT called Money is living a purr-fect life as her millionaire mum splashes thousands on a birthday present.

Hijab fashion tycoon, Haliza Maysuri, bought a four-wheel drive electric BMW i7 worth £121,000 for her beloved pet.

Malaysian entrepreneur gifts £120,000 car to her beloved cat@halizamaysuri/CEN

Money, a Persian cat, is used to bathing in luxury as she wears a £4,500 golden pendant@halizamaysuri/CEN

Maysuri shared her expensive purchase with 115,000 followers on Instagram@halizamaysuri/CEN

No one at the dealership even batted an eye as the Malaysian influencer presented her furry friend with an expensive gift.

Social media footage of the handover shows Maysuri, carrying her pedigree puss into the showroom dressed in a huge red frilly tutu.

Money is also seen wearing a £4,500 golden pendant, gifted to her on her 4th birthday.

As Maysuri puts her onto the bonnet of the jet-black motor the cat seems slightly confused.

But when she pops the millionaire moggie onto the luxurious white leather seats complete with a cap-wearing driver in the front she seems right at home.

Instagram video shows off an impressive ride, complete with the luxurious Swarovski details.

The fashionista eyed the sparkly accessories during her visit to the Swarovski factory in Austria.

The video received a furious backlash from Instagram users.

Many joked how they would love to see the cat’s driving license.

One woman wrote: “Crazy car gifts for cats Crazy !!!!! You ignorant living these days.”

Another commenter joked: “Ok tell your cat to drive the car now..”

One user added: “For the sake of cheap and arrogant content, you do this when you’re going to use this car later. Content like this is really stupid.”

However, some fans of the influencer came to her defense.

One fan wrote: “I love to see people succeed in business. I look at Madam Haliza from a positive angle that guides me as an entrepreneur.”

Another added: ”People are weird, there’s always something wrong.. Get a life!”

Maysuri, whose hijabs can sell for £700 a time, later confessed it was a publicity stunt after fierce criticism she faced.

The influencer admits that the car was a promised gift from her husband on her 45th birthday.

Maysuri has been a business owner for 25 years and said she struggles to come up with content ideas to promote her products.

She admitted: ” It’s a challenge having to think of new content to engage buyers.”

Maysuri said she thought social media users would go mad for a cute cat video.

She explained: “I’ve even lost sleep thinking about how to make videos that people will enjoy watching.

“As such, I used Money to promote my hijab brand because netizens enjoy watching stylish and photogenic cat antics.

“I see this approach as being more effective than simply posing like a model in a studio.”

In the same post, the influencer admitted that she wore the new collection hijab in her video to promote its upcoming release.

The video drew harsh criticism from online community@halizamaysuri/CEN

The influencer is known for her hijabs that sell for £700 a piece@halizamaysuri/CEN


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