Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

MCDONALD’S have announced a set of new hot drinks coming to the menu next week.

Fans have already got excited about the news of the new latte and hot chocolate set to be introduced in just days – calling them “unreal”.

FacebookMcDonald’s is launching two new hot drinks to the famous menu[/caption]

The popular fast food chain has teamed up with Galaxy to treat customers to the new caramel hot drinks range.

The new set of drinks is being called “The Galaxy Range”, and are the first Christmas themed items to be added in 2023.

Coffee lovers are sure to love the Galaxy Caramel Latte with the regular Maccies latte blended with Galaxy caramel syrup and topped with a delicious caramel cream and chocolate stars.

And in good news, it is a set to be a similar price to the fast food restaurant’s other special hot drinks, with a regular costing £2.69 and a large setting you back just £3.29.

However, the hot chocolate is set to steal the show this winter with Galaxy’s famous caramel syrup again being mixed through and topped the caramel cream and chocolate stars.

At just £2.19 the hot chocolate could be a winter favourite for all.

The drinks are available from November 1, to February 6, 2024.

Fans of the world famous chain have taken to social media to show their appreciation to McDonald’s for another set of new menu items.

One commented: “Ohhh even more I need to try.”

While another said: “Yummy deffo be getting one.”

This came just weeks before McDonald’s fans rejoiced over a raft of brand new menu items for Halloween.

The major menu shake-up has seven completly new additions including two new McFlurry flavours and two burgers.

The menu includes the brand new McCrispy BBQ Smokehouse and old favourite, the Philly Cheese Stack, both specially picked out for the autumn season, using new flavours.

The new Philly Cheese Stack burger has made fans beg for it to become a permanent fixture.

The famous chains new burger for the Halloween season has enjoyed rave reviews from punters so far.


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