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TRB is an example of modern manipulation and corruption in the coin market. A small group of people, we can call them enthusiasts with a guitar, is launching a project with a limited number of tokens that they will offer to other investors. Because of the small number of tokens, in contrast to many coins that have billions of tokens, there is a greater possibility of manipulation and creating profit, taking money from investors. And then we wonder why real estate prices are so high. If yesterday you had 100, and today you have 1000, that’s how you made yourself a millionaire in 2 months. Everyone from TRB has a new apartment and a lot of cash in their accounts and who knows what else. The worthless scraps of paper suddenly have an incredible value, and they put everyone they can into the net. For days, only TRB is on top of the coins that are growing wildly day by day. There is no regulation on the coin market and it does not even have the possibility to control such trades.

Owners of TRB are trading among themselves and try to put others in the net. When they decide to sell part of the portfolio, they will buy real estate while others will be left with a worthless token called TRB. TRB is growing because there are not many fools who buy it, so by increasing the price, they are trying to attract new fools in terms of marketing.

The growth of TRB is the product of manipulation by several parties. The only thing that CEO TRB deals with is manipulation, that is, negotiated trading in order to raise the price of tokens. Don’t be naive to fill their pockets.

From one article from binance:

Tellor (TRB), the notable cryptocurrency of recent days, has come under the protection of whales. Recently, Lookonchain stated that a group of whales held more than 30 percent of the total TRB supply and did not sell at all. The whales’ manipulation of TRB caused the cryptocurrency to rise by up to 1100 percent in two months.

Other view:

Lookonchain reported fresh wallets’ massive withdrawal of Tellor’s TRB tokens. Since August 25, a total of 22 wallets have accumulated 1,185,269 TRB, worth $111.4 million. The current holdings of these wallets constitute 46.7% of the total TRB tokens in circulation.

Tellor’s TRB token has drawn attention recently as whales continue to move it around in massive transactions. Lookonchain, a leading web3 analysis platform, recently revealed that newly created wallets have accumulated and withdrawn an enormous amount of TRB from Binance and other exchanges. According to the data, a total of 22 fresh wallets have accumulated nearly 50% of the total supply of TRB tokens since August 25, at an average price of $42.

Since Aug 25, a total of 22 fresh wallets have accumulated 1,185,269 TRB ($111.4M, 46.7% of the total supply) from exchanges at an average price of $42.

These wallets have an unrealized profit of $61.5M at current prices.

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