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New York sports talk radio is a bit of a circus. It always has been and that’s part of the allure.

People in New York, whether they are fans or analysts, are passionate about sports and especially passionate about their New York Giants in recent years. Fiery debate is a staple of everyday life but things took an ugly and unexpected turn this week.

On Tuesday, WFAN host Sal Licata took aim at Giants linebacker Kayvon Thibodeaux but did it in a rather odd way.

Horrible, horrible take.

— TheGiantsWire (@TheGiantsWire) October 25, 2023

“He stinks, dude. There’s nothing about his game that jumps out to me,” Licata said. “His body looks awkward (and) he’s not fast.”

Licata then transitioned from criticizing Thibodeaux’s physique to offering commentary on his fashion sense.

“What does he do? He runs his mouth and he dresses nicely,” Licata added.

Retired Giants legend Carl Banks took exception to Licata’s commentary and join he and co-host Brandon Tierney during their show on Wednesday. To say things did not go smoothly would be an understatement.

“This unhealthy obsession for finding what is wrong with Kayvon Thibodeaux is bordering weird,” Banks told the WFAN duo. “You talk about you don’t like a guy’s body? The guy just had a game that would put him in the running for Defensive Player of the Week. He had seven or eight pressures. Go look at Khalil Mack and see if he even had five pressures

“You don’t have to like him. You don’t even have to like his body. But tell me you watched the game before you say he just stands there and you don’t like his body. He had a monster game. What are we talking about?”

Things became increasingly volatile as Banks and Licata began talking over each other. And when Banks would not back down, Licata instructed the producers to end the call. And they did. Abruptly.

Brandon Tierney and Sal Licata kick Carl Banks off of WFAN Sports Radio about Kayvon’s latest performance

— Ashton Anthony (@ashtongriffith_) October 25, 2023

“I can’t take it anymore. Pull him down, seriously. We have to have a voice here and I appreciate the time Carl, thank you,” Licata said as the call ended.

“I hate that that comes across as disrespectful ’cause I really do love Carl,” Tierney said a bit later. “And he loves us, but after a while, it’s too much. You can’t tell us how to do a show.”

Banks later took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to share his thoughts on the show and how it ended.

PSA: Everyone is entitled to their opinions. However, if that person admits that they do not have *knowledge* of how something is supposed to work.. Treat that opinion as such.. *an opinion*… It’s not Fact. If they disengage, it’s not about *you*. It’s about the FACTS. #respect

— Carl Banks (@CarlBanksGIII) October 25, 2023

Whatever your opinion on Thibodeaux, it’s not a good look for WFAN, the Giants’ flagship station, to cut the line on Banks. He’s one of the greatest players in franchise history, belongs in the Hall of Fame, and currently serves as an on-air analyst alongside Bob Papa.

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