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As a shelter-in-place order remains in place while authorities conduct a large manhunt after a mass shooting in Maine left at least 18 people dead, a Canadian studying in Lewiston is sharing his experience of when the local college went into lockdown during the attack.

“It became real when I got a text from the college emergency system,” David He told CTV News Channel on Thursday. “I decided to go up to the highest floor possible.”


After the getting an alert from his college, He says that he found an empty classroom, dimmed all the lights and closed the blinds before throwing his “back against the wall.”

He also relayed some chaotic moments at the college as those in the building found places to hide, saying he peeked through the blinds and saw other students running into a different classroom.

“I joined them because I felt that it was… safer in numbers,” He said. “We all hid there, all of us were worried and texting our families.”


He said that like many other schools in the United States, his college provided guidance on what action to take during a mass shooting event, with campus security later escorting those hiding in buildings and classrooms throughout the college to safety.

“These are all things that we all learn for orientation,” He relayed to CTV News Channel host Marcia MacMillan. “It’s just in the common psyche of a lot of people living in the U.S.”

As the search for the man suspected of the shooting remains ongoing, He also says that he’s still sheltering in his dormitory and that after many spent the night hiding throughout the campus, many services and classes remain suspended.


Maine Governor Janet Mills said at least 18 people were killed and 13 others were injured in the mass shootings, sparked by a man who opened fire at a bowling alley and a restaurant then fled into the night.

There’s a massive search by hundreds of officers while residents stayed locked in their homes, with authorities warning that the suspect, Robert Card, is considered armed and dangerous.

He says that he chose to study in Maine because Lewiston is “a lot like home” and that the small town has a tightly-knit community.

“It’s deeply devastating to know that we are so close to all of this.”

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