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The Blackpool Combat Club is one of the biggest factions in AEW. Daniel Garcia recently revealed that he was one of the initial picks to be part of the faction.

During a recent interview on The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy, Garcia mentioned that the initial pick to join the Blackpool Combat Club and team along with Bryan Danielson.

“Hell yeah! Part of me was looking forward to that being the creative direction. I’m not big on regrets. I don’t like to look backwards and think about like what could have been or what was. But in the moment, I was very, very, very, very sad about the situation. Jericho’s told the story so many times that I was supposed to be originally put with Bryan in the original Blackpool Combat Club when it first initiated. And Jericho needed me for his group so I got taken out of that, put with Jericho. And Jericho told me, when he told me the news that I was going to be in JAS I was just like this (a bland face). Because in my mind I’m like, ‘Damn!’ I know I was supposed to be put with Bryan in a couple of weeks like this is sad.

A bigger payoff

As mentioned earlier, the former ROH Pure Champion was initially planned to be part of The Blackpool Combat Club. But since things didn’t turn out that way, he believes God was planning something bigger for his career.

So then, once I started like, ‘Okay, this Bryan thing could be happening in a bigger way where I already got “Over” a little bit. And now it could be a big payoff of a big storyline that I’m be putting Bryan’ I’m like, ‘This is really cool.’ I don’t know if I was ready at that point to be put with Brian to be a babyface. Sometimes I think God is like a slingshot, he pulls you back just so he can release you into a big, into a further position so you can go into a further position. So I feel like that ’s what the situation was. Not that I was in a bad spot being with Chris and all. But, wanting to be BryanI felt like it was God saying, ‘Not yet, not yet.’”

Daniel Garcia on wrestling Bryan Danielson

Speaking on the same interview, Garcia shared that it meant the world to him to be able to share the ring with The American Dragon.

“Yeah, wrestling Bryan was like the coolest thing ever. I mean, we’ve had three singles matches. The last one was a Two Out of Three Falls match at the Game of Thrones version of the AEW show. Whole crowd chanting my name after! Whole crowd chanting ‘You’re a wrestler’ which was really cool. Wrestling Bryan meant the world to me. I learned so much from him. Not just as a wrestler but as a human, Bryan is one of the best people I’ve ever met in my life. Being able to tag with Bryan a couple weeks after in D.C against Jericho and Sammy, my mom and my cousins drove to the show, they were sitting in front row for it. Some of that stuff, I’ll take the grave with me. Some of the coolest stuff I’ve ever done in my life.”

Do you think Garcia would fare well in the Blackpool Combat Club?

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