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Good morning!
Morning sir!

GM IBD Live!!!
GM, good to have you.

What a lovely day to see y’all.
Indeed it is…

Happy Friday!
Looking forward to the weekend.

Ah man! Anne-Marie assigns weekend homework!
Sharpen your pencil…

Any comments on DECK? Up Premarket $60? Buy at the open?
live answered

Aloha AMB GLAD 2 C U!!
Aloha, good to have you.

Love Anne-Marie on the show!
Great guest!

ah marie this should be interesting
She always is…

Good morning and welcome Anne-Marie!!
GM, good to have you

GM from Cape Cod. Noticed breath was better on NYSE yesterday. Small Caps better.
As long as your golf game is better, all is good.

Is October over yet???
It’s been a long one

NU (one I own) staged a very impressive recovery yesterday intraday, up 5% off the low back to even on the day on higher than average volume. Up in the premarket 1%. Looking very strong.
Best not to include personal info as we can’t comment

LI breaking through a downward trendline but still under the 50 day. Thoughts
BTW – I think BYDDF is in better position technically. It’ll announce official earnings soon. Prelim data suggested about 50c per share vs. 28c.

LI breaking through a downward trendline but still under the 50 day. Thoughts
I don’t like the idea of buying stocks below the 50-day line, especially in this market. LI is one of stronger EV makers right now. Note that we’ll get Oct. sales on Nov. 1 (weekly data signal strong results). Earnings will come Nov. 9.

Good morning! KNSL taking a beating.
GM Doug! It’ll be interesting to see if it can rebound off today’s lows to stay near 400.

Hey Anne Marie. Glad to see you here. Learning a lot from your YouTube. Big thanks
Great to hear!

KNSL down big? Earning? It is long term leader
Yes, first drop through the 50-day line since the June breakout; still above the top of the prior flat base with a 345.75 entry, Kinsale reported Q3 results late Thu, I missed that report, thanks for noting. EPS up 102%, rev up 42%, both great
numbers but we have to check their outlook.

What were the morning tickers?

How much stock do you take with monthly charts? If you look at the S&P500, QQQ and the NASDAQ they all look like a cup with handle. But obviously they don’t look good on the weekly and daily charts so I have been selling since Aug and have basically nothing long now.
Great Q, Brian. I don’t look at them every day, but think they are important. That handle could change, right? But if this correction remains milder than what we saw in 2022 or during the fast sell-off in Q4 2018 or in the pandemic, I think that’s important information about what the market is saying about the future. Hatman

TNX dropping. good sign
Holding steady for now, 4.84%.

Morning IBDL Team and Anne-Marie! If today goes out ugly look out on Monday! 401k holders seem to have fingers on the sell buttons! Fear could spike.
Right, panic selling usually gets us closer to a market bottom.

AMZN testing resistance at 10 and 21 day lines…
And a potential double bottom in the works?

What is the system that Ann Marie using?
Think of Swim

What platform is Ann Marie using?
Think Or Swim

Would Anne-Marie mind discussing her tactic for pre market analysis in deterring the trading range for the day?
Hopefully her initial analysis of QQQ was helpful? I wasn’t at the Founders Club meeting last weekend in Scottsdale, but maybe she also talked more about that.

Thanks for your email yesterday Gerry.
Sorry we didn’t have a better answer for you.

Her mike is very low can hardly hear her
Asked to adjust it louder.

what chart service is this?
Think or Swim

What is your investment vehicle for going long and short?
She likes /NQ

what is the volume on the side called?
I think she has Volume at Price on the right hand side.

Anne-Marie’s sound/vol continues to b an issue
We let the panel know it’s low, hopefully, she can turn it up.

Does she trade multiple time frames OR trade daily and just use multiple time frames to color her analysis?
My sense is she uses all the timeframes to color her analysis but trades off an intraday

Anne-Marie’s mic is so quiet
I put it in the IBD Live slack.

Thoughts on INSW here
Holding support at $47, looking good

I love the special guests on Fridays. I can feel their passions for the market and their desire to share their knowledge, advice, and encouragement. If someone like Anne-Marie was once “the world’s worst trader” and seeing where she is now, then there’s hope for me if I just keep pushing forward, learning, making mistakes, listening to you folks, and not getting discouraged. Bravo!
Great guest, always learn a lot from her.

Suggestion: Save Anne-Marie’s segments in perpetuity.
Hopefully, a YouTube clip can be cut out from this segment.

David – Mr Wonderful said on Kudlow that Small Caps are being killed by higher interest rates and they can’t borrow and expand their business’s.
Makes sense

Anne-Marie smarter than the average Bear/Market

If you take a look at APPF on the 5 min you’ll see tightening. Can you use the 5 min like a daily with tightening?
That is trading tightly on the 5 min. A pop above 200 could offer an entry.

QQQ Just reach a high for the morning.
Very volatile this morning. No trends yet.

Ali, last week when Joe Fahmy was on, he mentioned you did an interview with Yahoo Finance recently. Is there a link for that or do you know where we can see that? Thanks.
Hi Ali, you can find it here:

What time frame is the TLT chart? (not finding it on chart, for whatever reason)
Sounds like they just said each bar is 3 months

My first home loan, 13 5/8%, I win! ;-D
Mine was 7% but that was in the early ’90s.

DECK up 18% with a blue dot.
Excellent reaction to earnings so far. Just cleared the top of that base at 568.47 as well.

Had a 14% CD in 1981…
Amazing mortgages were near 18%-19% back then!

She’s right, the Fed won’t blink until the mkt forces it too. Geo-political event?
Covid-19 was a good example!

This is great! Bring her back again…soon.
live answered

If you were going to use an ETF as an alternate instrument for getting the 5% low risk, which one would you consider?
I followed Scott’s advice and bought SNOXX, which has a 7-day yield of 5.03%. Takes a day to fill, so don’t put your whole account into it if you want to do some trading on the edges.

Anne-Marie, can you go over your concept that you are talking about on an individual growth stock like SMCI? Thank you
live answered

Late Dec 2018 is also a perfect example of a market induced Fed blink
Yields are rising now for other reasons. The Fed is likely on hold for a while. Economy hasn’t weakened that much so far. I suppose the Fed could cut its overnight rate – but would that actually lower long-term rates?

Anne Marie WOW!!!! I’ve been schooled. Thank you!!!
live answered

How do you consider ETF like BLKN ?
BLKN does not show up on MS. Different ticker?

Been very Cheap/Free $$$ since 2007-2009
Good point. Interest rates got low during the late 1990s too.

Closing range has dissappeared from the price tracker information when I right click on the chart. Any thoughts on why I am not getting this info?
Turn pattern rec back on

Anne-Marie, how is your portfolio going so far this year?
live answered

Could you share resources on how to trade motion
You can follow her on Twitter @AnneMarieTrades and her site is

What are the horizontal volume bars called in ThinkorSwim?
Looks like Volume at Price. Not sure if TOS calls it this as well.

As the TOS charts she devises show, Anne-Marie might be “an 8 yr old” when it comes to trading, but her mental age is about 175 : )
live answered

What do you do with AMZN at this point?
If it were above the 50-day I might be buying it since it is a very dramatic reversal.

Are you using Keltner channels or bollinger bands? Could you explain how you use the channels?
Maybe we need an extra IBD Live session just focusing on these advanced technical indicators! I know Chris is a fan of both of those!

CROX may be moving in sympathy with DECK
Let’s see if CROX can start making higher highs and higher lows; still below 50-day

Anne-Marie is excellent. Have her back in a couple of months.
Will do!

Anne Marie, your analysis, insight and comments are inspiring. Thank You!
live answered

ACMR, please talk about this, as it has been siting on the IBD 50 top stock a few weeks now, but today is down over 17%
17% decline slicing below the 50-day in volume, that’s a sell signal for IBD-style traders. We’ll have to see where it closes but it looks broken to me

Anne-Marie, Thank you
live answered

Please come back soon
live answered

Amen! She’s soooo right!
live answered

Anne-Marie is so amazing… so detailed and great tips. Thank you
live answered

don’t forget to look for David Ryan again
live answered

Thank you Ali.
live answered

Great having Anne Marie on!
live answered

Is Anne-Marie in Denver?
East coast!

Great show! Thank you everyone!
Cheers Payam!

MANAGE YOUR RISK. Great insight to end the show and the week. Thank you, Anne-Marie.
live answered

What a great guest! Thanks Anne-Marie
live answered

live answered

Are there some recorded webinars on IBD with Anne-Marie and her charting wisdom?
Check out my youtube channel, I did an episode with her a while back: and this

AMB is the best guest! She is FANTASTIC. All the best to her and many thanks.
live answered

Don’t forget the UVXY cannibalizes itself internally!!
For sure!

my hand hurts from taking notes. Great show.
live answered

Like the emphasis on keeping your mind focused and calm with color of candles and repeating moves with the same setups. Once you have rules that work play those rules.
live answered

I suppose the news that Dimon plans to sell 1 mil shares in 2024 for tax and diversification reasons is weighing on the stock!

How about EG with a bounce off the 50 day
I think it could be a good play! And a reversal below the 50-day line makes a sensible stop…

Exactly. Hope all’s well Mark!

Thank you Ali… I am a subscriber and see a couple of talks you have had – you’re the best!!!
Ali is amazing

“Super to share your expertise, all while being humble. Thanks so much!”
Thanks Julie!!

Best show eva!!!!!
New high for IBD Live!

Have a great weekend team. Thanks Anne-marie.
YW! Thank you for joining us Sylvia.

Ali – David Ryan has his hand raised
live answered

Thanks Ann Marie
live answered

Hi Chet! Go BROWNS!!

David Ryan is your thought to buy tactically before we get the follow through day because by the time we get the FTD it will set up as a short?

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