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Did they get off lightly? (Credits: Kieran McManus/Shutterstock)

Does the nature of the crime change when it’s in pursuit of a noble cause? In today’s MetroTalk, readers are grappling with the perceived leniency in sentencing for the three Just Stop Oil protesters involved in aggravated trespass at sporting events.

The protesters who stormed Lord’s have been ordered to undertake 60 hours of unpaid work, fined £330 each, and been banned from Lord’s for a year.

A concerned reader points out that if these individuals were just regular sports fans engaging in the same actions, they would likely face harsher penalties.

But, with it now too late to save the West Antarctic ice sheet, could it be the ends justify the means? As another reader who attended the sentencing points out: the protesters are ‘doing what they must’.

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‘Maybe Just Stop Oil should be treated like football supporters.’

Just Stop Oil on the pitch at England Lords Ashes Test (Credits: Kieran McManus/Shutterstock)

I was perplexed to see the lenience of the sentences passed on the Just Stop Oil criminals convicted of aggravated trespass –they should also have been charged with criminal damage, for the orange dye they threw on the pitch.

They must each do 60 hours of unpaid work, were fined £330 in costs and banned from Lord’s for a year.

If these people had been football supporters trespassing on a pitch they would have received a lifetime ban from the club, plus restrictions on attending other clubs at home or abroad.

They would also have been prevented from going to a specific area for a period beginning two hours before a match starts until two hours after it finished and told to surrender their passport before international matches and banned from foreign travel.

For the same offence, football supporters face draconian measures that would breach their human rights. No other group of people are treated in such a manner.

To stop further unacceptable and illegal protests, maybe Just Stop Oil should be treated like football supporters. But, oh no, that would be breach of their human rights. Maurice Fitzgerald, Worcester Park

‘Just Stop Oil are not the ‘eco-zealots’ or ‘extremists’’

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I was extremely pleased to read that the three Lord’s Ashes Just Stop Oil protesters were treated leniently by the court and spared jail (Metro, Wed).

I know not all readers will feel the same, but to those I would say that, having attended the hearing, I found all three to be entirely genuine and well-meaning people.

A grandmother who feels morally compelled to act plus two younger men, both of whom are expert in the field of environmental and related science, equally feeling forced to make a stand.

These are not the ‘eco-zealots’ or ‘extremists’ you might read about elsewhere but reasonable, intelligent and educated people doing what they must. Graham Pearson, Epsom

‘Rising sea levels could shift the focus away from war’

Scientists screamed, ‘We’re too late! Whatever we do, the Antarctic ice shelf is set to melt! Sea levels could rise by 50ft!’ (Metro, Tue). Sadly, this is the only way to stop wars – as all countries would have to focus mainly on how to survive this second Genesis flood (like, build houses on stilts?) instead of making stupid wars. So, I say, ‘Let it melt! Let it melt! Let it melt!’ Santa, Birmingham

‘Eco-protest with your wallet’

Eco-campaigners wishing to save the planet can help by drastically cutting the amount of stuff they buy that is made in China.

Not only will that cut massive Chinese burning of coal and emitting carbon but it will also stop financing the racist, fascist, oppressive Chinese dictatorship that is striving for world domination. Double whammy! Dan Hartley, Solihull

Well, I am off to see Killers Of The Flower Moon. If your chief film critic Larushka Ivan-Zadeh gives it five stars (Metro, Thurs), I go and see it. End of. Mark, Richmond

Leonardo DiCaprio’s ‘Manky’ teeth in The Killers Of The Flower Moon

Leonardo DiCaprio in The Killers Of The Flower Moon sans ‘manky’ teeth (Picture: Apple Studios)

Your film reviewer described the bad teeth of Leonardo DiCaprio’s character in Killers Of The Flower Moon as ‘manky’. Well, after lifelong problems with my teeth and without the money needed to make my ‘manky’ teeth less offensive to our increasingly vain and shallow society, I can only apologise. Red, Uxbridge

‘We bankers have the same problems as you’

Don’t tar all bankers with the same brush (Credits: Getty Images)

Alan Noon (MetroTalk, Thu) says the self-same bankers who ‘brought the country to its knees’ are now having their bonus caps lifted.

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It was not bankers who brought us to the place we are in nowadays, it was Brexit and the unacceptable lockdown.

These are what slowed our development, affecting 100 per cent of our population and living standards, actions that impacted in growth and development of our beautiful country.

We never try to find moderate solutions like our good European neighbours – it is all radical and based on patriotism and utopia.

Plus, we don’t listen to anyone, because we think we know it all.

Also, not all those working in banking have a massive bonus or salaries. We have the same problems you all do. Hannah, via text

Just to be clear, has prime minister Rishi Sunak, the ex-hedge fund manager, cleared the way for huge banker bonuses just in time for his potential return to the sector? Neil Dance, Birmingham

‘Know your workers rights’

Huh (Metro Talk, Wed) offered some good advice against staff being exploited by being asked to work for free on ‘trial’ shifts. The trouble is, most people don’t know their rights as a worker, which is why unscrupulous employers rip some workers off.

Also, embarrassment prevents a lot of these workers taking steps to stop the scams. If an authoritative website gave advice on employees’ rights, it would be a massive success. Beverley, London

Notice any similarities? (Credits: North News & Pictures Ltd )

Mercedes-Benz is suing Sunderland’s Wear Beer micro-brewery over its use of a three-pointed star symbol (Metro, Thu).

However a simple defence for the owner is that he’s a Christian and the symbol is based on the symbol for the Holy Trinity – 2,000-plus years should trump a commercial operation going since 1926. Jim, London

It seems police have been instructed to investigate all hate crimes. Well, I hate people who spit in public places – thus maybe spreading germs – and shoplifting, because it puts up the cost of my groceries. Can I now expect the police to pursue these crimes forthwith? Bob, Hayes

‘Staying home with a cold won’t go down well with the boss’

Unless it’s okay to work from home when you’re ill? (Credits: Getty Images/Tetra images RF)

Sue (MetroTalk, Thu) says people with Covid should stay home. It won’t happen.

I was in a large clothes store and a coffee shop. In both, people were coughing their guts up. They might just have been bad coughs but people happily spread germs, be it Covid or flu.

Also, if you tell the boss you’ve got a cold and are staying home, that won’t go down too well. Andy W, Manchester

‘Priority should be given to students and workers travelling before 9am not the retired’

Do you agree that priority should be given to students and workers before 9am? (Photo by Guy Smallman/Getty Images)

Elizabeth (MetroTalk, Oct 18) says it was wrong to remove free public transport for the over-sixties before 9am in London.

I disagree. Priority should be given to students and those getting to work.

Before 9am would be rush hour and, with public transport already packed, it would mean a concessionary pass holder would be unable to get a seat especially when they use a walking aid.

I hold a disability bus pass and think it’s the right decision. Ms Hussain, via email

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