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Fast forward to 1955, Porsche brought Allgaier’s entire tractor business, enabling it to eventually develop and sell the Master, Super, Standard Star, and Junior tractor models.

Much like the very desirable Porsche 356, these old tractors feature low gearing and variable track width. These made them quite maneuverable in the farmlands of Europe, which are notably smaller than American farms.

The oldest one of the bunch is the 1950 Allgaier R-22. Bidding for the Allgaier series models starts at $9,477 (AUD 15,000). Specs-wise, the R-22 uses a 22-horsepower single-cylinder diesel engine paired with a four-speed gearbox. It has new Pirelli and Mitas tires at the front and rear, respectively. It is, however, “due for decommissioning,” so we doubt that it is in running condition.

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