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A PAIR of newlyweds had their special day ruined after the groom’s furious ex covered them in a bucket of oil and poo.

The happy couple were walking through the square outside the church in Bolivia having just tied the knot just moments earlier when they were targeted.

Jam PressThe newlyweds were being congratulated on their happy day as they walked through the square outside the church[/caption]

The groom’s furious ex then covered them in a bucket of oil and pooJam Press

Jam PressThe bride’s white dress, hair and face was covered in muck[/caption]

The unnamed woman reportedly approached the newlyweds with a bucket filled with excrement and oil as a crowd of smiling onlookers gathered to cheer and congratulate the pair.

She then allegedly threw the contents over the couple, covering the bride’s white dress, hair and face in the muck.

The groom’s military outfit was soiled by the oily poo, while at least one guest was also doused.

The woman allegedly carried out the attack out of jealousy for her ex marrying someone else, according to local media.

The bride took to social media afterwards, saying that she hopes her husband’s former partner “will let us live in peace after getting her revenge”.

It is unclear if the attack was reported to the authorities.

One local commented: “Hahaha, that’s crazy.”

Maria said: “That’s stooping low as a woman. No matter how damaged or cheated you feel, never seek revenge. Let him be happy with his new partner.”

Paula wrote: “What a shame for the bride, she will always have this uncomfortable moment in her mind.”

Jazmin added: “How ridiculous he didn’t want to marry that woman for some reason…”

Gabriel said: “These types of acts should be reported. We all have an ex. I wouldn’t want to see this kind of thing happen to my daughters or anyone else.”

In China, a bride was left stunned after the groom’s former lover crashed her wedding wearing an elaborate bridal gown and veil.

Video footage shows the spurned woman as she grabs her ex-partner’s arm and drops to her knees, yelling: “It was my fault.”

The emotional ex allegedly burst into the ceremony and begged for forgiveness – just as the groom was about to kiss his new wife on stage.

But the romantic moment was ruined as the screaming woman continued to tug at her ex-boyfriend’s arm, prompting the real bride to storm off the stage in anger.

At least one guest was also doused from the horrific incidentJam Press


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