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CAN you spot the mistakes in this wintry scene? If so, you certainly have 20/20 vision and a high IQ.

Time to put your problem-solving skills to the test and find out if you’re in the three per cent of people who can crack this puzzle.

FreshersliveCan you spot all mistakes in this wintry scene?[/caption]

At first, this image might seem perfectly fine.

But little mistakes here and there will soon start popping up the more you look at it.

Before you start cracking this mind-boggling image, take a few seconds to prepare yourself.

It might also be useful to get a notepad to keep track of your progress.

The answers might be a little challenging, but if you pay attention long enough you’re in the lucky three per cent of people who can solve this, experts at said.

The trick is to carefully examine the elements in the scene, one by one.

Take a look at the image again – what do you see?

If you begin from the right, the first mistake will be fairly obvious.

As you make your way to the left, you will soon start spotting the other, less obvious, mistakes.

Still struggling to find them? Let’s give you a hint – there are five mistakes in this wintry scene.

The first one – on the right – is that one of the ice skaters is actually a cat.

Try giving another go at the others.

Look carefully, examining each element of the scene.

Still nothing? No need to worry as the answers will be highlighted in the image below.

FreshersliveThere were five mistakes in this mind-bending puzzle image[/caption]

Fancy giving yourself another challenge? Try spotting the strawberry in the tricky brainteaser above in less than 103 seconds.

Two out of five puzzle fiends will give up looking for the fruit in the summery image.

Prove that you are above average by solving the puzzle in a minute and a half.

Those who solve it within the time limit and without help will be able to brag about having an excellent eye for detail.

Ice Head ShopOnly those with 20/20 vision can see the strawberry hidden in the fruit in under 103 seconds[/caption]

Can you spot the strawberry?

The image created by Ice Headshop features brightly colored fruit including watermelon, cherries, and blueberries.

The brightness of the image along with the jumbled fruit makes the strawberry harder to spot.

The blues, reds, pinks, and dark watermelon seeds constantly pull your eyes away from their task.

A tip for solving puzzles such as these is to divide the image up into imaginary equal sections such as nine squares.

Then, take each section at a time making sure you search every single detail before moving on to the next.

Ice Head ShopWere you able to locate the strawberry hidden amongst the fruit?[/caption]


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