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Wonder Woman takes on the military to fight for her sisters’ right to exist, challenging the new legislation that has banned Amazons from living in America.
The complex nature of Wonder Woman’s history is explored, with many people lying about her origins, motivations, and personal desires.
Wonder Woman is presented as a modern myth, with every storyteller ascribing their own notions onto her, making her a legend that is open to interpretation by all.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Wonder Woman #2!The Wonder Woman mythos has just been touched up with a new tweak to her lore. With Amazons persona non grata in the United States, Diana takes on the military to fight for her sisters’ right to exist. And a new interpretation of Diana finds a new way of looking at Wonder Woman’s complex history.

Things have been hard for Wonder Woman and her people thanks to one lone Amazon. A nameless Amazon was touched inappropriately in a pool hall and she responded by killing her attacker, leading to a fight where she also killed nearly twenty men. The event caused a wave of anti-Amazon hysteria to sweep the United States.

With paranoia at an all-time high, the United States government passed legislation that banned Amazons from living in America. The government formed the Amazon Extradition Entity to enforce this and killed Amazons who resisted the new law. However, Wonder Woman refuses to comply and has begun searching for the rogue Amazon.

Wonder Woman is “More Myth Than Mortal” and Her Stories Reflect That

In Wonder Woman #2 by Tom King and Daniel Sampere, the United States Army has come to arrest Diana. Despite her longtime love interest Steve Trevor trying to convince her otherwise, Diana chooses to fight for her freedom. Diana takes on missiles, tanks, and infantry with no problem as the secret king of America, the Sovereign, narrates her battle. Sovereign touches on the complex nature of Wonder Woman’s history, saying that many people lie about Wonder Woman, from her origins to her motivations and even her personal desires. The narration goes as far as to say that the great Wonder Woman stories are more insights into the teller than Diana herself.

Wonder Woman is a very versatile character, and creators have used her to tell wildly different stories. Diana has been a superhero, a goddess, a warrior, a secret agent, and even a fast food employee. Though many of these stories stick to the core of who Diana is, they don’t seem to make much narrative sense when looked at one after the other. Granted, nearly every superhero with a nearly century-long history has been through some outrageous changes. But this moment works as an interesting meta way of looking at the hero. Rather than seeing her as just another superhero, Wonder Woman is presented as a modern myth, one every storyteller ascribes their own notions onto.

Wonder Woman is a Legend That is Up For Interpretation By All

Myths and legends grow over time and as they’re handed down, they change to reflect the world. Wonder Woman is no different as varying storytellers all the way back to William Moulton Marston have used the legend of Diana to communicate different themes and messages. Diana is a complex figure and it’s hard to say that she’s one thing when she’s been so many different things over the years. As the myth of Wonder Woman continues to pass on to future generations, new creators find new ways of using the hero to tell stories that reflect their thoughts and feelings about the world. Wonder Woman #2 is on sale now.

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