Mon. Jul 15th, 2024

As the likes of Akio Toyoda have pointed out, Winkelmann notes that “come 2035, there will still be billions of cars on the road with combustion engines, and if we want to make the biggest difference to global emissions, the best way to do it, in theory, is with e-fuel. But I’m not convinced that’s viable.” Why not? Because of scalability, which brings us back to the earlier issue of uncertainty regarding future legislation.

“Right now, the whole industry is already investing in battery technology. So as an industry – and clearly not only for the benefit of brands like Lamborghini – we need greater consensus and focus.”

In a nutshell, Lambo supercars will continue to operate with electrification as a boost but not as a base, something the Revuelto pulls off masterfully, and Winkelmann does not have a preference between electrification and e-fuels. This means we can expect many more noisy Lambos until the end of the decade, and only once the lawmakers of the world know which direction to take to carbon neutrality will Sant’Agata move forward with an alternatively-powered production supercar.

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