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THE mum of missing X-Factor star Levi Davis is set to fly to Spain to search for new clues in a bid to solve her son’s disappearance after the court investigation was sensationally suspended.

The talented rugby player, 24, vanished in Barcelona exactly one year ago today – and his family remain desperate for answers.

It’s been a year since 24-year-old Levi went missing in BarcelonaSolent

The rugby ace was last seen leaving The Old Irish Pub

Levi’s mum Julie is set to fly to Spain to probe new clues on Levi’s disappearancePaul Tonge

GettyThe aspiring singer’s disappearance sparked many theories including that he vanished voluntarily[/caption]

Some suggested he drowned in the Spanish city while others leaned more toward the possibility he might have gone missing “voluntarily”.

But after an extensive investigation, The Sun revealed how the court-led probe into his disappearance was suspended.

Levi’s mum Julie is determined to find out what happened to her son and is preparing for another trip to the Spanish city to go through the evidence on her son’s disappearance.

Julie hopes to find clues about what happened to the missing star- including a mystery person Levi spoke to before he vanished.

The mum needs to fly to Spain to see the court notes that could hold vital clues about what happened to him.

Julie says she wasn’t made aware of the case being dropped by the court and has been left desperately looking for answers – and slammed the Spanish cops for keeping her in the dark.

Speaking to The Sun about the court’s decision, she said: “If that’s the case that’s new to me. I wouldn’t be surprised because I’m always the last person to know.

“It’s not the first time I’ve had second-hand information from the police.

“I’ve been treated very poorly and it has really affected me. I need to chase them to get any information or update.

“They never come up to me and say ‘this is what we’re doing now, that’s what we’re doing next’.

“There is an update but I have to go to Barcelona to get it which is really annoying.

“They won’t let me have a look at the court note unless I’m there in person.

“I’ve been asking ‘what have you done’ and ‘what’s the next course of action’ and they’ve not been very forthcoming with information.

“I’d ask, ‘Who did you interview, the person who was in the water’ – and they can’t tell me that. It’s ridiculous. 

“And then I started asking lots of questions, even about the guy Levi spoke to before he went missing.

“I just want some information I have so many questions. I want to go as soon as possible. I want to find out what happened.”

The 24-year-old was last seen on CCTV leaving the Old Irish pub in bustling Las Ramblas before vanishing without a trace.

The only trace of evidence was his passport which was found in the port area 20 days after he went missing.

His backpack – which contained his laptop that he used as a mobile music studio – has never been found and neither has his phone.

However, it appears it was accessed after he vanished.

The aspiring singer released his first single With Me under the name LEDA last September – just a a month before he disappeared.

Julie believes the court documents could hold key clues about what happened to the X-Factor star.

“It’s hard to know what happened to Levi without seeing the court notes,” she said.

“There’s parts of the jigsaw that’s missing that I need otherwise I can’t really reach a possible conclusion – it’s very hard.

“I try to go back and remember what Levi had said, maybe a couple of things would tally up but without the notes, know who he spoke to, it’s hard to put a picture together.”

Darren FletcherThe 24-year-old boarded a Balearia ferry in Ibiza to travel to Barcelona[/caption]

Darren FletcherThe rugby player was seen walking around bustling Las Ramblas[/caption]

Darren FletcherLevi was last seen leaving The Old Irish pub on October 29[/caption]

Darren FletcherLevi was seen passing in front of Hard Rock Cafe in Barcelona[/caption]

The last thing Spanish police told Julie when they finished the search of the waters was that they were probing the theory that her son drowned.

Four cruise ship staff saw a person in the water, shouting for help in English, and wearing a light-coloured T-shirt like Levi.

A lifebuoy was thrown to him but a subsequent search by police and the coastguard found nothing.

It all started when Levi went to Ibiza to stay with his close pal Richard Squire while on a break following a knee injury.

On October 29, Levi went to Ibiza Town and boarded a Balearia ferry heading to Barcelona – a trip of approximately nine hours.

He had told his friend he would be travelling to Barcelona to “meet some mates”.

The 24-year-old sent a strange garbled video message to his mum Julie saying: “Hi mum… it’s beautiful.”

After arriving in Barcelona, Levi headed to the city centre and then to the Old Irish Pub where he was last seen.

Earlier this year, The Sun travelled to Spain to retrace Levi’s steps and spoke to the bartender who served him that night.

The woman said the rugby player had a pint watching the Liverpool vs Leeds game on TV before heading off around 10.

His phone was last pinged later the same night in Barcelona’s Sants train station but he was not seen on CCTV – suggesting that there is a possibility he was mugged.

A friend of the Bath winger previously revealed that a message they sent to the star two months after his disappearance had in fact been read.

Levi was reported missing by his friend Squire on November 6 – a week after he went missing.

And despite two potential sightings, it appears that his trail has gone cold.

witness claimed they had seen him wandering near La Boqueria market, adding that they had also seen him looking “lost and confused” near the Placa Sant Agusti Vell in the city’s Arc de Triomf monument.

Levi’s case was handed over to a specialist crime unit in February.

A few months before he went missing, Levi had posted a haunting video in which he said he was being blackmailed by criminals who threatened to kill him and his family.

Catalan cops had previously said the case contains “disturbing” issues with “no logical explanation”.

The statement fuelled speculation about the theory that Levi was being hunted down by a Somalian gang over a £100,000 debt.

To add to the mystery, Levi posted pictures of himself on the adult site OnlyFans the day before his trip to Barcelona.

And today marks exactly a year since the talented 24-year-old vanished with his loved ones patiently waiting for the slightest update

One of Levi’s close friends, Chantelle Small, who was one of the last people to speak to the star said she is still thinking about her pal.

The duo washed become close through music and regularly messaged back and forth.

Chantelle, who works as a radio producer said: “I  remember putting my music on and then I played Levi and it kind of daunt on me it’s a year already.

“It’s weird because I still have his music he wanted to work on.

“No matter what position he was in and even when he was on the X-factor he would always be in touch and say thanks for the support and ask how I’m doing.

“It was maybe a month when he released his first single and then we played his song at the studio and he would give me a message and say thank you and be really hyped about the next stuff coming out.

“I played that in the studio and then I remember I had to walk out of the studio- listening to the first bit… everything changed really quickly.

“I don’t know how we went from that video being out to him escaping or having time to himself or wanting a breath or whatever – everything changed really quickly.

“If something happened we need closure- if he’s safe we also need the reassurance that he is okay.

“If I could speak to him I’d just want him to know that he’s loved and he’s safe. I’m always thinking of him.”

SUPPLIEDLevi was reported missing a week after he vanished[/caption]

The SunDivers searching the waters for the missing star[/caption]

Levi’s disappearance sparked several theoriesGetty


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