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A reliable engine in one car is one thing, but a reliable engine ubiquitous across dozens of models is another entirely. The Chrysler Slant-Six was the latter, an inline-six engine canted at 30 degrees that was produced in various iterations for 41 years from 1959 to the turn of the millennium across 31 models. These included the Chrysler Cordoba, LeBaron, and Fifth Avenue; the Dodge Dart, Aspen, Challenger, and Charger; the Ram Van, Ram Pickup, and the Plymouth Barracuda, Belvedere, Duster, Gran Fury, and dozens more, earning it a reputation as an engine that could work in anything and never die, even in performance applications.

The Slant-Six was available in three primary configurations: 170, 198, and 225, all referring to the engine’s displacement in cubic inches (2.8, 3.2, and 3.7 liters), but within these, there were a variety of versions with short blocks and tall blocks, different numbers of main bearings, and a plethora of other changes. However, the core design remained the same, and the motor was rigid, cooled itself well, and even lent itself to motorsport applications with some success.

Whether it had a cast iron or aluminum block (both materials were used), it was reliable all the same.

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