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The Headbangers open up about their return to NWA.

Former WWE Tag Team Champions Mosh and Thrasher are returning to the National Wrestling Alliance for NWA Samhain to take on The Southern 6’s Kerry Morton and Alex Taylor. During a recent interview with Steve Fall of WrestlingNewsCo, the duo discussed how the opportunity came to fruition.

“It was kind of cool; it was just out of the blue and stuff like that,” Thrasher said. “We’re former NWA World Tag Team Champs. We beat Ricky and Robert, The Rock N Roll Express, legendary. So it was something that — we had offers from AEW to go back there and do stuff like that, but we were never really wanting to do the one-and-done thing. When we went back for WWE in 2016, that’s home. WWE is home for us. It’s the only major federation that we’ve ever worked for. We never worked for WCW, we never worked for ECW, we’ve always been WWE guys.

When it came to us for the NWA, we looked at each other and went, ‘We don’t care if it’s a one-and-done or if it’s the start of something,’ which we hope it is. Never say never in this business, so we’ll see what happens.”

Mosh added, “With AEW popping up and others, IMPACT still lingering and being around, we talked about it. Because people ask us all the time, ‘Oh, what about AEW?’ We’re like, ‘Eh, not really interested.’ The one thing that always had us interested was NWA, the heritage behind NWA. When we first started, NWA was a big deal for us. There was one of it besides Monster Factory and Larry’s WWA federation, the NWA was the first one that I wrestled in. Like Glenn said, then we got to beat Ricky and Robert for the NWA Tag Team titles, and it’s just kind of funny now that it all circles back around. We’re going back to the NWA and we’re wrestling Ricky’s kid.”

Regarding how the offer was made, Mosh revealed that NWA higher-ups reached out to them to work NWA Samhain. They were “absolutely” on board, but it remains to be seen if there is more to come beyond the pay-per-view.

“We brought it up to them because I was pretty blunt,” Mosh said. “‘We’ll come in and do the one-and-done if that’s what this is, great. We’ll come and do it.’ But I’d like to see maybe once we’re there, let’s talk and see if we can grow something, develop something and see what we can do from there. I think it would be great to be able to work with them. I know they’re trying to build little territories like there was back in the day, so I think something like that would be fun to be a part of.”

WrestleZone will have complete coverage of NWA Samhain as it airs this Saturday.

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