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In last week’s KOG Report we said we would like to see how the market opened and how the lower support regions 1975 and below that 1968 would hold up price. Based on these levels holding we suggested opportunities to long the market to firstly attempt the break of the 2000 level and then the target region of 2015. We gave the order region 1950-55, price bullish above, and KOG’s bias of the week level 1970 bullish above with target levels 1999 and 2015 for the week.

As you can see, price did hold above with a slight dip lower than 1968 but we stuck with KOG’s daily bias which was shared daily with traders and completed not only the 1999 level, but also numerous level to level gold targets on the way up with 2015 still open! A great week for us on the markets, not just on Gold but the numerous other pairs we trade and share netting a phenomenal pip capture for our traders.

So, what can we expect in the week ahead?

To start with, with can expect more aggressive price action across the markets so please trade carefully, or, don’t trade at all. Money is also made while sitting and cash in your account is a position in the market. New traders should ideally be watching and practicing, using this time to further educate themselves and develop their strategies. These markets are only after one thing, your money! If you get this wrong, it can go horribly wrong, so levels, entries, exits and your risk model are really important.

The chart shows the levels for the week we have highlighted with the key reaction zones we’ll be looking at. We’re still open for last week’s target level at 2015 but a pull back would be ideal. For that reason, if we start with bullish momentum into that resistance level and hold, based on a clean set up, we feel an opportunity to short the market is on the cards, initially into the immediate support 1995-90 and then below that 1975. Our bias remains as bullish above, however, there is a chance there may be some profit taking this week, so expect the unexpected, if that level breaks, we’ll be looking lower into the 1950-55 region to then attempt the long trade.

On the flip, if we start the session and week with a move to the downside, we will be looking for immediate resistance levels to hold and take this down into that 1975 region level to level on the short side looking for support levels to hold in order to take this back up into that 2015 level and above that 2022.

We’ll use our daily bias and targets as well as the red box strategy together with our trusted Excalibur to guide us. What we don’t want to do here at this point of the market is buy upside when there is potential for this to correct some of this move. So levels are key here!

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As always, trade safe.


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