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The Voice coach Blake Shelton has sadly left the show, but what we are even more upset about is the fact that his rivalry with coach Niall Horan has come to an end. However, a new fire has quickly sparked in Season 24 between Horan and fellow coach John Legend.

Horan won his first season as a coach on The Voice in Season 23 with singer Gina Miles. It seems that Horan now has a hot head this season, and Legend is not liking it. While the fighting all seems to be in good fun, Legend and Horan have hashed it out plenty of times so far on the show.

Season 24 is currently in the Battle rounds, and in the most recent episodes, we saw contestants Calla Prejean, JaRae Womack, Sophia Hoffman, and Talaki get eliminated. That leaves Team Legend, Team Niall, and Team Reba all with eleven contestants, and Team Gwen with thirteen. This season is just halfway through, so the fighting has just begun. Below are some highlights of the duo’s feuding moments.

Horan And Legend Fought Over Mara Justine

Contestant Mara Justine wowed the judges in the Season 24 premiere. While all four chairs were turned, the fight was only between Horan and Legend — so much so that, as you can see at the 4:15 mark in the video above, Horan pressed his button and down came a “Pick Niall” foam finger. Legend quickly rose from his chair and sang a duet with Justine to “All of Me”. Horan could only stand and watch in defeat.

Horan Brought Out Homemade Championship Belt

In Season 23, Horan finished his first run strong with a win. While he was still gloating, Legend was not amused. Horan came on stage to “We Are the Champions” holding a champion belt, while Legend sat and glared at the obnoxious entrance.

Legend Used His Block Button on Horan

Singer Stee got a four-chair turn, but Horan was quickly blocked by Legend, who greatly enjoyed Horan’s helplessness in the situation; the other coaches were relieved to have one less chair. “You’ve got a vendetta against me,” Horan said.

Horan and Legend Battled in a Game of Tic-Tac-Toe

After Horan grieved the loss of Stee as a team member, he decided to challenge Legend in a quick game of Tic-Tac-Toe. Legend gladly accepted this challenge, and they bickered while playing. Legend might have blocked him, but Horan came back strong with a win here.

Horan Fought Back and Blocked Legend

And the blocking continued! This time, Horan used it against Legend, keeping him  from singer Rudi Gutierrez, as you can see at the 1:28 mark in the video above. At the end of her performance, Legend and Horan met on the stage to play-fight it out. Legend was not too happy about losing this one, but Horan definitely got his revenge.

The Fight Over Nini Iris

The four-chair turners seem to get Legend and Horan in the battling mood. Singer Nini Iris wooed the coaches, but Horan put out all the stops to get her on his team, as you can see at the 2:00 mark in the video above. Iris is a former One Direction fan, so Horan was at an advantage, but Legend did everything he could to convince her to stray away from Team Niall.

Legend Called Horan the “Rambling Man”

Legend was just about done with Horan as he kicked around the “Team Niall” sweatshirt. He referred to him as the “Rambling Man”, which was really just a nice way of saying he doesn’t shut up. Legend knows the ladies swoon of Horan, and he is starting to get quite sick of it.

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