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The comic adaptation of Trick ‘r Treat completely redefines the film’s ending, adding a small detail that changes the meaning of Mr. Kreeg’s story.
Mr. Kreeg’s smile and wave to Sam in the comics shows his newfound appreciation for Halloween and gives his story a positive end.
Without this gesture, Mr. Kreeg’s story arc in the original film appears much darker, since his hatred for Halloween was a result of trauma.

The official comic adaptation of the cult favorite horror movie Trick ‘r Treat completely redefines its ending. Trick ‘r Treat originally released direct-to-DVD back in 2009, but since then the film has become well-regarded by horror fans as an underrated gem. The anthology – consisting of four interconnected tales of terror – has been praised for its scares, humor and love for the Halloween season. However, its ending got a new meaning when the story was adapted to comics.

Trick ‘r Treat #4 by Marc Andreyko and Fiona Staples completely adapts the film’s final story in which the demonic Trick-or-Treater Sam attacks an aging man named Mr. Kreeg for his lack of Halloween spirit. For the most part, the story plays out the same way it does in the movie. Some small details are changed here and there, but nothing that u stands out. However, that all changes in the comic’s final pages.

Just like the film, Mr. Kreeg sees Sam across the street after successfully surviving him. However, he gives him a smile and a wave in the comics, which Sam reciprocates. On the surface, it looks like this gesture holds no meaning other than a little detail that wasn’t in the film. However, this brief moment actually changes everything regarding Mr. Kreeg’s night of horrors.

Mr. Kreeg’s Wave to Sam Gives His Story a Positive End

What’s interesting about this artistic choice is that it completely redefines where Kreeg’s story arc ends after a night of battling Sam. He’s originally set up as a character that has no respect for the holiday. There are no decorations on his lawn and he steals candy from trick-or-treaters, which is ultimately what draws Sam to him. When he’s able to evade death by accident when Sam takes one of his chocolate bars, he realizes just how important Halloween tradition is. Giving Sam a smile and a wave shows that he not only acknowledges the importance of the rules of Halloween but also has a newfound appreciation for the holiday.

Mr. Kreeg’s Story Arc Is Way Darker Without This Gesture

Looking back to the original film, the lack of this wave actually holds a completely different meaning. The movie features the two locking eyes with one another, not saying a word or even acknowledging the other’s existence. Instead, Sam just turns to his next targets and walks away after checking in on Kreeg. This ends Kreeg’s story with a much darker tone, as it feels like he’s being threatened with another visit by Sam if he goes back to his cruel ways. The way he gives out candy to the kids feels like he’s being held at gunpoint and hasn’t learned the traditions of the holiday at all. In contrast, adding the wave makes the story a ghoulish morality play where Kreeg learns the value of the holiday, and even ends the story a better person.

Giving Kreeg a more positive end to his arc is crucial given the twist in Trick ‘r Treat‘s second story, the Halloween School Bus Massacre. As the driver of the bus, Kreeg’s hatred for Halloween has likely been rooted in trauma from that day, so to see him be at peace with the holiday thanks to Sam (despite his violent methods) gives him a fitting conclusion. It’s amazing what such a small detail can do to redefine an ending, and this wave does an excellent job at showing that the simplest gestures can completely change a film like Trick ‘r Treat for the better.

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