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(USDT chart)

USDT, which had been stagnant for a while, continues its upward trend and is renewing its new high (ATH).

However, the size of the candles is not the same as before and tends to be large.

This appearance of the 1D chart is actually the first pattern to appear.

It seems that the movement of funds in one day is too large.

So, once I know what the new pattern means, I’ll explain it again.

The basic interpretation of USDT and USDC charts is whether they are rising or falling, creating a gap.

This is because a rising gap means that funds have flowed into the coin market, and a falling gap means that funds have flowed out of the coin market.

(USDC chart)

USDC is continuing to decline.

We believe that USDC does not have a direct impact on the coin market because the trading pairs are not active.

Therefore, it is unknown whether funds are flowing into USDC and then being converted to USDT, or whether funds are flowing out into the coin market after a quick transaction.

However, if the market capitalization of USDC continues to decrease, I think there is a possibility that there will be a difference in the movements of the coin market and the funds made up of USDC, that is, the coins launched as stock market investment products.

It is thought that this movement is limiting the upward trend of the coin market to launch new investment products.

The decrease in liquidity can be seen as a result of the movement of funds according to the global economic flow, but it is believed that as earn-related services on exchanges become active, funds are stagnating, reducing liquidity.

————————————————– ——-

(BTC.D chart)

(1M charts)

With BTC dominance rising above 53.65, the coin market is believed to be forming a new trend.

For the coin market to exhibit a major bull market, we expect BTC dominance to rise by more than 61% and then begin to decline.

Accordingly, BTC dominance is expected to continue to rise.

The rise in BTC dominance means that funds are being concentrated towards BTC, so it is likely that the movement of altcoins will relatively slow down.

Therefore, pumping of coins (tokens) with low market capitalization may occur frequently, but the upward trend is likely to be short-lived.

There are coins (tokens) that are currently showing a significant upward trend.

When these coins (tokens) end their upward trend and fall, it is necessary to check whether the price is maintained at a certain level.

In addition, we must also check whether the community activities of those coins (tokens) and the coin ecosystem are expanding.

This movement has the potential to create a new major coin and replace the existing major coin.

Therefore, if you are purchasing an altcoin for mid- to long-term investment purposes, I think it is a good idea to target these coins (tokens).

However, we must not forget that in reality, the only coins best suited for mid- to long-term investment are BTC and ETH.

(USDT chart)

USDT dominance fell below the HA-High indicator on all charts.

If USDT dominance is maintained below the HA-High indicator, the coin market is expected to show an upward trend.

However, since the movement of USDT dominance represents the overall flow of the coin market, the movement of individual coins (tokens) cannot be known.

If USDT dominance falls while BTC dominance is rising, this is expected to lead to an upward trend for BTC.

Therefore, I believe that BTC’s continued and rapid rise will inevitably result in a slowdown in altcoins.


We believe that funds coming in through USDT have a direct impact on the coin market because the trading pair is active.

Therefore, if USDT continues its upward trend by increasing the gap, I think the coin market will eventually show an upward trend.


– The big picture

The full-fledged upward trend is expected to begin when the price rises above 29K.

This is the section expected to be touched in the next bull market, 81K-95K.

————————————————– ——————————————-

** All explanations are for reference only and do not guarantee profit or loss in investment.

** Trading volume is displayed as a candle body based on 10EMA.

How to display (in order from darkest to darkest)

More than 3 times the trading volume of 10EMA > 2.5 times > 2.0 times > 1.25 times > Trading volume below 10EMA

** Even if you know other people’s know-how, it takes a considerable amount of time to make it your own.

** This chart was created using my know-how.


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