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5 ChatGPT prompts to snap out of a bad mood (and get back on track)


Bad moods happen to the best of us at times. Even with every intention to stay calm and happy, those dark clouds can appear overhead and be tricky to disperse. Getting into a bad mood can happen at any moment, and the trigger could be anything at all. One email from a disgruntled customer, one liberty taken by a member of your team, one annoying tweet that you wish you hadn’t seen.

The problem isn’t getting into a bad mood, the problem is not being able to get out of it. Here are five ChatGPT prompts to snap right out of a bad mood. Keep the same chat window for each so the context carries through.

Get out of a bad mood with these ChatGPT prompts

Poke fun at yourself

Wasting time and energy wallowing in anger is no one’s idea of fun. Your time on earth is limited and you have big plans, why would you choose to be anything but happy? Whoever or whatever annoyed you, see if you can find the funny side. An extended bad mood is a sign that you are taking yourself far too seriously. Get over your ego and be a bit silly with this first prompt to overcome a bad mood.

“I’m in a bad mood and it might be because [explain the reasons why]. Can you tell five jokes that make fun of my situation and remind me not to take myself too seriously?”

Listen to a mentor

A wise old sage is a useful companion to have around. Whatever trials and tribulations you’re facing, they have some words of wisdom or a tale that puts it into perspective. But we’re not in Pocahontas, we don’t all have a Grandmother Willow. So we need to make our own. Prompt ChatGPT to be the wise old sage you need in your life. Ask it to be your trusted mentor and listen to its timeless wisdom to get right back on track with feeling fine.

“Act as a wise old sage with years of stories of challenges you have overcome. Tell a short story about a similar struggle you faced, and what you did. End with some timeless wisdom that I can apply to my bad mood to remember that it will pass.”

Have empathy for others

Whoever contributed to your bad mood probably didn’t mean to. They’re not thinking about that thing that happened, so why are you? A lack of empathy for other people causes all sorts of problems. It means we take things personally, hold onto the past, and don’t let go and move on when we know we should. Use this prompt to find the empathy to forgive and forget in no time at all.

“My bad mood is partly down to [person’s name], who got me into a bad mood because they [actions they took]. Acting as a straight-talking friend, help me have empathy for this person. Explain why they didn’t mean to upset me and describe what might be happening in their own life that caused them not to think about the impact their actions might have.”

Take yourself less seriously

So far you’ve made jokes of your bad mood, got advice from wisdom that goes back centuries, and cultivated empathy for the other party. But snapping out of a bad mood whenever it happens in the future requires your general disposition to be more light-hearted. Or at least able to become more light-hearted upon request. Get ChatGPT’s help in creating a personality that isn’t so highly-strung. Get its tactics for your everyday life.

“I want to get better at snapping out of bad moods as soon as they occur. Act as a behavioural psychologist and suggest three actions I can take the next time I feel a bad mood arriving, so I can turn it around quickly. How can I practice these actions to prepare for my next bad mood?”

Let it all go

What we hold onto holds us back. Holding onto slights made against us, decisions that didn’t go our way, and opportunities that passed us by only prevents us from going forward and finding those new ways of making a difference. How to stop them holding you back? Let them go. Let go of every grudge you’re still holding, every time you felt irked and didn’t speak up, every favour you feel like you are owed. Choose not to care, choose to be indifferent, and feel lighter as a result of this psychological freedom.

“Potential causes of my bad moods might be grudges, things I wish I had said or done, or people that I feel like took liberties with my generosity. Acting as the old sage I previously described, create a visualization in which these things I hold on to are rocks in my backpack. Describe a scene where I remove them and throw them away on purpose. Describe how much lighter I feel without this physical and mental weight to carry around.”

Overcome a bad mood in seconds with ChatGPT

Feel better right now with the help of these five prompts for ChatGPT. Make jokes about your situation to find the humour in anguish, and listen to the tales of someone who has been there before. Elevate your empathy levels to understand the other party, take yourself less seriously going forward, and let go of everything that’s been weighing you down.

Overcome your bad mood right this second, and get better at turning around an unhelpful disposition every next time. There’s no reason for those dark clouds to stay, use these prompts to find your sunshine.

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