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A BRITISH-ISRAELI mum was found with her arms wrapped around her teenage daughters in a final act of love after they were all slaughtered by Hamas terrorists.

Lianne Sharabi, 48, was killed by the brutes in her own home in Kibbutz Be’eri, Israel on October 7.

The bodies of Lianne Sharabi and her daughers Yahel and Noiya were found ‘cuddled together’FAMILY HANDOUT/UNPIXS

Lianne’s parents Gill and Pete Brisley have been left shattered by the loss of their girls

EPAHundreds gathered for the funeral of Lianne, Noiya, and Yahel[/caption]

In a chilling final text message to her family, the Bristol-born mum wrote: “I can hear them. They are here at our house. They are shooting and shouting ‘Die Israel’. Please call for help.”

An Israeli soldier later discovered the bodies of Lianne and her daughters Noiya, 16, and Yahel, 13, “all cuddled together”.

Lianne’s parents, Gill and Pete Brisley, described their daughter as a “devoted mother” who “tried to protect her daughters to the end”.

They told the BBC: “Lianne was doing what a mother would do – holding her babies in her arms.”

It was a “small comfort but a comfort nevertheless” to know they died together, Mrs Brisley said, as she held out hope “it was a quick death”.

The heartbroken grandmother stressed Israel was normally “very friendly” and a “lovely place to bring up a family”.

She said: “Where they were living, under normal circumstances, was the safest place to bring up kids: great nurseries, schools, they knew everybody and they did sport, bike rides, visits to other parts of Israel.”

Mr and Mrs Brisley’s “three beautiful girls” moved into their home three years before Hamas unleashed its terror on Israel this month.

The terrorists brutally murdered 1,400 men, women, and children in a surprise attack on a Jewish holiday.

Medics who responded to the massacre wept as they revealed many of the victims appeared to be hugging a loved one when they died.

Lianne’s dad said he first learned of the atrocities through the media.

He recalled: “I switched on the TV, saw there was trouble, sent messages to Lianne to ask her if she was OK, and there was no response.

“I think by then she had already gone.

“Their house was one of the nearest to the fence where the Hamas soldiers came in. Everybody on the street was killed or badly injured.”

As a free spirit who “always wanted to travel the world”, Lianne jumped at the opportunity to relocate from Staple Hill, Bristol to Israel when she was 19 to live and work on a kibbutz.

Mrs Brisley said: “She went to Israel on a working holiday there. Three months later, she rang to say she met a man.”

It wasn’t long before Lianne had established a life in Israel, becoming fluent in Hebrew and having her two girls.

Mrs Brisley said her granddaughter Yahel, 13, had “so much energy” and had recently started scuba diving lessons, while Noiya, 16, had dreams of working in social care.

The last time Mr and Mrs Brisley saw their girls was in July for Yahel’s Bat Mitzvah.

Hundreds gathered for the funeral of Lianne, Noiya, and Yahel, while Mr and Mrs Brisley were forced to say their goodbyes by watching videos of the service on WhatsApp.

Mrs Brisley said: “There were hundreds of people there. They were a very popular family, the girls were loved by everyone.

“We feel numb… it is what it is, we can’t change it. We must get through it.”

Israel has vowed to avenge the victims of the Hamas bloodbath, sending its elite soldiers into the Gaza Strip to “destroy” the terrorists in the “second stage” of war this past weekend.

More than 260 bodies were discovered at the Supernova music festival in Israel after the militant group cut the power and opened fire on civilians.

German-Israeli tattoo artist Shani Louk, 22, was one of many seized by terrorists from the peace music festival.

After three horrifying weeks of silence, Shani’s mother Ricarda Louk announced today that her much-loved daughter had been confirmed dead.

Israel’s soldiers have vowed to “wipe this evil off the face of the earth once and for all” and bring 229 hostages home.

suppliedThe Sharabi family: Noiya, Eli, Yahel, and Lianne[/caption]

EPAFriends and family members mourn during the funeral of the Sharabis[/caption]

ReutersLianne’s parents were forced to watch videos of the funeral service on WhatsApp[/caption]

FAMILY HANDOUT/UNPIXSNoiya Sharabi had hopes of working in social care[/caption]


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