Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

Tzipi Livni dismissed claims by the bloc’s foreign policy chief Josep Borrell that Israel’s actions in Gaza were against international humanitarian law.

She insisted yesterday: “There is no comparison between this terrorist organisation that makes crimes against humanity.

“I totally don’t want even to speak about the rape, the cutting heads and organs, and sending pictures to families of how they are killing their own loved ones, when we are trying to prevent this from happening.

“And therefore Israel called the civilians in Gaza City to leave because Hamas is hiding there, tunnels underneath hospitals and within the city.

“And we are enabling the international community to transfer all the humanitarian needs to the Palestinians that left the Gaza Strip to the south.

“This is our only responsibility according to the international law.”

Mr Borrell earlier claimed that Israel’s actions since the October 7 massacre of its citizens breached international law as he called for a “pause of hostilities”.

He said: “Gaza is in complete blackout and isolation while heavy
shelling continues.

“The UN Agency for Palestine Refugees warns about the desperate situation of Gaza people without electricity, food, water.

“Far too many civilians, including children, have been killed.

“This is against international humanitarian law. “ He insisted: “A pause of hostilities is urgently needed to enable humanitarian access.”

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