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A HORROR plane crash has left all 12 onboard dead including a 19-month-old toddler.

The tragic event happened just moments after the jet left an airport in Brazil on Sunday night.

Jam PressThe devastating aftermath of the plane crash that killed 12 people[/caption]

Jam PressAna Paula Melo and her toddler both died in the horror crash[/caption]

Jam PressFirefighters struggled to get to the burning crash site and only arrived four hours after the jet plummeted[/caption]

Of the dozen victims two were the pilots with 10 others being passengers, including the young child.

The plane crashed on Sunday, 29, shortly after leaving the Rio Branco airport in Acre State, Brazil.

A video, moments after the devastating crash shows the wreckage on fire in a forest.

The fire wasn’t put out for four hours as firefighters rushed to the crash site but were met with big challenges.

According to fire chief Francisca Fragoso, the plane had fell into a hard to reach spot in the forest for the emergency crews.

The bodies were left badly burned, leaving experts struggling to identify them at first.

Police spokesperson Mario Sandro Martins said: “The situation was very difficult.

“The plane collided with trees, exploded and the bodies were charred, it was very difficult to remove them.”

Since then state authorities have been able to name all 12 victims.

The pilot was Cláudio Atílio Mortari and co-pilot Kleiton Lima Almeida.

Ana Paula Melo was the unfortunate mother who died alongside her child.

The other passengers were identified as Antônio Cleudo Epifânio, Edineia de Lima, Jamilo Maciel, José Marcos Epifânio, Alexsander Bezerra, Raimundo Nonato Melo, Antonia Elizangela and Francisco who is yet to be fully named.

Authorities later said in a statement: “The government of the state of Acre expresses our solidarity with the families of the passengers, pilot and co-pilot who were on board the aircraft.”

The plane was a Cessna 208 Caravan and was used by a local company ART Taxi Aereo.

The aircraft was due to land in the small town of Envira in Amazonas State later that day before tragically plummeting from the sky.

Some of the passengers were reportedly going to a hospital in Envira to get medical help.

The two pilots were said to be well trained very experienced in the air and the plane was in a good condition before it took off according to the National Civil Aviation Agency of Brazil.

The crash is still being investigated.

Pilot Cláudio Atílio Mortari died in the terrible crash but was said to be well trained and experienced in the airJam Press

Co-pilot Kleiton Lima Almeida was also killed despite the plane being in a good condition before take offJam Press

Jam Press VidThe fire continued on for hours after the crash when emergency crews finally put it out[/caption]

Jam PressAll 12 bodies were found after the crash and have since been identified[/caption]

Jam PressRaimundo Nonato Melo was one of the 10 passengers onboard who died[/caption]

Jam PressJamilo Maciel[/caption]

Jam PressJosé Marcos Epifânio[/caption]

Edineia de LimaJam Press

Antônio Cleudo EpifânioJam Press


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