Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

A WOMAN who got dress-coded at Disney World has warned other fans about being caught out by a little-known rule that almost saw her refused entry.

The Disney fanatic revealed how a cast member pulled her up on the costume she was wearing at the resort in Orlando, Florida as it posed as a dangerous hazard.

The woman explained how she was dress-coded at Disney World in a video on TikTokTikTok/southernsolobelle

She had been pulled up on her costume for being too long by a cast memberTikTok/southernsolobelle

She then warned other people who were planning to visit the attraction to make sure their costumes were the right lengthTikTok/southernsolobelle

The unnamed woman was dressed for cosplay at the entertainment resort but her costume was too long.

Luckily for her, however, the cast member was willing to step in and fix the issue by pinning her skirt higher.

However, in a video uploaded onto TikTok (@SouthernSoloBelle), the Disney fan has urged people to check their outfits comply with rules before visiting.

During the 11 second clip, she said: “Make sure your cape or dress isn’t dragging (on) the ground”.

Although it is not illegal to wear a princess dress to the attraction, Disney rules state that costumes shouldn’t reach or touch the ground and specifically references “full-length princess dresses.”

Layered costumes or costume props that surround the entire body are also strongly discouraged and may be subject to additional security screening.

Nonetheless, some viewers were quick to explain to others why the woman’s dress was not suitable to wear when others asked why she was dress-coded.

“Because the dress could get caught on moving platforms,” one person said.

“If somebody steps on her dress and she falls she can sue Disney,” a second person explained.

A third added: “Disney theme parks follow safety critical guidelines your dress could get caught on tracks or even the tracks of Main Street.”

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