Sat. May 25th, 2024

AN angry man took a sweet revenge on his neighbour who’s deliberately blocked his driveway for two years.

Comedian Steve Hofstetter got fed up playing nice with a next-door resident with a big, red truck who prevented him from getting out of his driveway.

Comedian had feud with a neighbour who blocked his driveway for two yearsTikTok/thehofstetter

He believed the neighbour did it deliberately to alienate him from the communityTikTok/thehofstetter

Hofstetter blocked his neighbour’s driveway in return as a petty revengeTikTok/thehofstetter

Hofstetter believes his neighbour deliberately targeted him to keep him away from the community.

In a TikTok video, the upset comedian shared details of his months-long feud.

He said: “I live in Pittsburgh where there is a law that you cannot park within 3 feet of a driveway.

“I have a neighbour who does not want me to be in the community. For two years, he would park his truck as close to my driveway as possible.”

The comedian tried to stay on good terms with the truck owner, going as far as offering him a Starbucks gift card to reconciliate.

But the neighbour didn’t take this offering well.

Hofstetter said: “He went around to all my neighbours telling them that I was trying to buy him off.”

The neighbour’s petty act has even been caught on Google Maps.

“It’s so pervasive that if you go to Google Maps and look, he is blocking my driveway on Google Maps,” Hofstetter added.

He finally decided to stand up to his arch-enemy and threatened to tow his truck next time.

“I finally told him I had enough and that if he did it again, I would simply get him towed,” he said.

The threat worked for some time, until recently the red truck appeared in front of Hofstetter’s driveway again.

That was the last straw for the comedian and he decided to give the neighbour the taste of his own medicine.

He said:  “I started pulling out of the driveway but then I stopped when I saw him get out of his house and walk over to his truck.

“I waited for him to start his engine and then I pulled back in front of him and did the same 20-point turn that he makes me do every morning. If he’s gonna add two minutes to my day, I’ll do the same to him.”

After months of torment, Hofstetter ended the parking war on a satisfying note.

He asked his followers if his revenge was petty enough.

And the viewers unanimously took his side.

One user wrote: “Dude, I would have called the tow truck day 1.”

Another one added that it wasn’t petty enough.

A third viewer suggested: “Hell, I’d make friends and give the gift card to the tow driver. Have him swing by every day to check it out.”

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