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Good morning everyone!!!
GM Brian, good to have you.

GM from Cape Cod.
GM Phil…

I see two blue vol bars on FICO. Is this a time to buy or should we wait until it retakes the 50 day moving avg?
Still looks broken to me…

Monday, Monday, Monday to the bone. G’morning one and all!
Happy Monday

Oh yes! And good morning everyone!
Thanks for coming.

GM IBD Live!!!
GM Ken

GM from CT
Morning to you….

Monday has been an up day for over 10 weeks or so
Will see if the pattern holds…

tickers, justin 2nd one?

DECK Great pick Hatman
Thanks Phil

everyone is negative
Watch for a crossover between bears (higher) and bulls (lower) — https://research.investors.com/psychological-market-indicators/

Thoughts on MCK?
Acting well; defensive play

I’m holding as well. Would like a bigger cushion going into EPS
Answered live

AMZN rocking in vol
Keep watching; certainly a positive reversal last week. Now, could it retake its 10-week line this week?

Buy above the 50 day like DECK
Answered live

You can start nibbling now
Arguably, I agree

your volume has dropped
I noticed it too. Let’s see if all of us on the panel experiences the same.

Great interview with Bob Fehrmann I watched this morning. He said when the indices fall 10% then be on high alert. Well we are here now.
Ah, that’s right, thanks Phil.

Per CNBC – GM and UAW have tentative agreement
Thanks for the info

thoughts on insw
I’m in and holding. Up premarket. 11% above the 50 SMA so wouldn’t enter here.

Great interview by Richard Moglen.
With who? I look forward to checking it out.

Insight on TSLA plz ? I sold 205 puts . thank you !
Hi there, thanks for sharing. While we cannot comment specifically on your individual trade in any given stock, pls note that cash-secured puts are def a legitimate option strategy. Our columnist Gavin McMaster has written a bunch of stories
on this strategy. https://www.investors.com/category/research/options/

Trader Lion on You Tube
Got it

33-degrees in Chicago, but, the tree are beautiful!
and we were complaining about 50 degrees here

live answered

Gold is displaying powertrend characteristics as of the end of last week.
Trading above $2,000 nicely today.

Some say consumer debt is going to smack the market.
It might – esp. with student loan repayments … but it hasn’t happened yet.

“In 1962, after a 22% drop from Dec 1961, this is the week the market started its 80% rally.

Most attribute the bull run’s start to the end of the Cuban Missile Crisis when Khrushchev and Kennedy played chicken with the nuclear bomb.

I attribute it to a more seasonal event. Bobby Pickett’s MONSTER MASH Halloween song hit #1 on the charts this week. The Mash Indicator.

We need a new scary tune to kick this market into gear.”
Oh wow, what a lesson in musical history! Thank you Gregg! I’m not a pop music expert, but even Hatman knows that tune! Cheers

Good morning! Was it Webby that “loved” up on Monday morning? A time to be extra cautious?
For sure! Good morning Larry!

NSDQ short covering rally? Heat Map is mostly green ?
That makes sense, Julie. Not seeing any specific earnings news today, for instance, and perhaps more likely short-term traders want to get out of the Fed’s way this Wednesday.

ON being creamed…
Interesting too how ON has only risen three weeks out of the past 3 months!

RELY is up
I’m still holding. You?

Good morning! Watching VIST
GM Doug! Indeed, one of the best pure-play oil and gas firms out there right now. What a great play for those who bought this one early this year and patiently held, too.

GBTC breakout looks still looks strong, up over 5% this morning again
live answered

Monthly chart of GLD is a great chart
live answered

AEHR falling in sympathy with ON

cost insw and knsl can we discuss
live answered

“Harold – love your instructions on Options. Question: Do you or have you journaled your trades? If you do or have do you have recommendations? THX”
Pls check out our options columns too — https://www.investors.com/category/research/options/

GPCR is a beast
running strong

Is DECK dabble-able?
live answered

Under the favorites you showd ready and watch list. where do you find them for me to add to my lists?
Under Reports/Stocks folder are the IBD live and ready lists in MS list panel

Watchlist building with single shares feels like skin in the game. I use them for several reasons, not least of which is as an antidote to buck fever.

META had amazing earnings
live answered

Blue dot—tightness in a base? Thought blue dot was indicative of the RS and stock hitting highes at the same time. Thanks.
Here’s a tutorial on the RS Line blue dot report. https://marketsmith.investors.com/resources/webinars/marketSmithUniversity?id=5883&categoryName=marketSmithUniversity&node=p

Hatman – would be helpful to hear from David Ryan and how he is committing his capital. I assume he is on tomorrow.
David should be on tomorrow’s show as usual.

Harold do you consider Greek when do option
live answered

What is the news on AEHR? down 20% on 13x volume
Probably falling with ON – which gave weak guidance. ON is a major customer.

ANET ahead of earnings today.. so thankful for the program
We could have another snapback surge on earnings after falling on META. Something like that happened after Q2. But ANET plunged after Q1 results. So expect a big swing!

You can lose more money in options?
Spread trades have a predefined max loss

Check out HCC, looks like an early entry earlier this morning off rising 21 day
Interesting. But HCC has earnings on Wed – with CEIX Tue.

Waste of time talking about Deckers
It’s been a good stock and made excellent runs in the past years. You’re wrong.

Chip stock are weak today which gives me pause to today’s bounce. Also VIX is still above 20.
Good points.

Buying gap ups in this market is crazy!
For sure not today; always like how Webby coined the cautious term “Monday morning gap-ups.”

“Hello, The new Zoom settings now displays all IBD presenter’s vs previous view of person speaking. This Zoom modification disabled my capability to maximize MarketSmith’s screen. Switching the “view options” has no effect. Please research Zoom settings. I have no interest in seeing all faces when they are not speaking, and most especially when consuming drink and food.
Hi Carol! Thanks for letting us know. We’ll look into it.

DAVE (Chicago) Bulls and Bears fans Very Disappointed . . .
Peter! Ah, so am I, my friend. Didn’t see the Bulls game, will catch the highlights, but wow, the Chargers had Chicago’s number this time.

MNSO Tightening up – EPS in 16 days.
live answered

NVO Back over its 21 and 10 day lines. EPS 3 days.
live answered

any reason insw down today in up market it is Zacks number #2 ranking stock
Well, outside megacap techs, it’s barely an up day. Oil is down a fair amount. Oil price swings don’t hit the oil shiipping stocks as much as other energy plays, but that’s got to be a factor.

I just went to a mnso in Naples Italy and it was cool ..like a funky five below .
live answered

KNSL oversold bounce?
Hi Amit! Buying near the 40-week MA is critical here for sure. Pls check out the stochastics on a Kinsale weekly chart. Despite the drop, isn’t it interesting that the stochastic is not at all near or below the 20-oversold range? The big move
since June amid a so-so market in fact is reflected in how KNSL got way overbought.

Bet a big amount you will lose!
I’m not meaning the ranch, Robin. We do believe, however, in a strong new bull market, having up to one-sixth or one-eighth of the portfolio in a good stock AT THE RIGHT PRICE is meaningful. Have you read this Investor’s Corner? Cheers, Hatman — https://www.investors.com/how-to-invest/investors-corner/the-art-of-portfolio-management-fewer-stocks-the-best-way-to-a-big-return/ + https://www.investors.com/how-to-invest/investors-corner/calculating-position-size-for-portfolio-management/

Mahalo David
Always my pleasure. Mahalo Julie!

Do we have the ability to listen a recording of the founders meeting?
I think it would be available for the members. https://get.investors.com/?src=APA1BQ

Still sliding, losing sight of 50-day line. Earnings in 3 days. A lot of risk!

BRBR Holding 21-day line. Tightening up. EPS 17-days.
For sure. Good looking chart.

is it shipping?
XPO is a real expert in less-than-truckload shipping, so they likely get very good margins. Interesting that the company is expanding aggressively into FL. Cheers, Hatman — https://investors.xpo.com/news-events/news

Seems debt is high for XPO
live answered

XPO Reducing their head count . . . I’ve been told through a third party, business is SLOW in the Midwest. Normally, Logistics Companies are Very Busy preparing retailers for Christmas.
Man, this is awesome insight.

TSLA is going against the market today.
It sure is. Not a good start. Could be its third straight week trading below the 40-week line.

How many stocks are in Leader Board and its position size. Obviously you have been cutting it back. Thanks.
4 positions, 3 out of 4 are 1/4. 18.5% invested %

David – your the first one to highlight Cash Flow on Wkly chart! I use it all the time and have quite often seen what you state…….high cash sometimes trumps some low earnings – usually if it’s 80% or greater of the upcoming earnings #.
Hi Barry, thank you for the note! Yes, since the show started, actually Chris and I always try to comment on the op cash flow when it’s relevant. Cheers

Is GNE an example of ANTS?
I’ve got a modified ANTS indicator built and it does appear to have met this criteria a few days last week. We’re planning on adding ANTS to MS next spring.

I see a good number of Teslas roaming the streets in the small town I live in in East TN.
Tesla is still the dominant EV player in the U.S.

what is best way to invest in VIX?
Good question. I am no expert, Bruce, but the options market is very active in VIX, but VXN does not have options trading. Anne-Marie talked about how and why she uses UVXY on the Fri show.

Ali, reminder it is Monday and gotta go to Justin and the sector/group spreadsheet!
It’s coming!

Don’t forget the industry groups spreadsheet
coming up next

Does MarketSmith have a symbol for the US 2-Yr Treasury?
Unfortunately not.

Hatman, O had acquisition today.
Good to know; thanks.

I know you guys watch TLT but check out PFIX to hedge interest rate
Will do, thanks

David – Thanks for the great analysis on DECK
U bet

We will cover in lightning mode!

Does anyone have the X handle for Mark Ritchie?

Can you look at MSTR? It has the ability to move. Earnings in two days. It looks like it ignores the current market.
They have a ton of bitcoin on their balance sheet so may be moving more becuase of that than fundamentals?

Is Justin going to explore the Industry Group Chart today?
doing it now

Gerry — Keep an eye on the variance between the the 10-Yr and 2-yr. Once the Yield Curve normalizes, historically, we are 3 to 6 months from a recession. This is the reason some individuals are predicting a 2024 recession. Will be interesting
to monitor.
Will do!

Justin, these weekly reviews are so helpful, so you know. Thanks
Good to hear!

Good morning team, could you add VRT to the lightning round review? Thanks
Volatility has picked up as of late. Maybe it’s forming a new base. Let’s see if it can get back above its 50-day line. Two bad red bars recently not ideal

JUSTIN — Jeffrey Hirsch was optimistic about a Santa Claus rally. Cautious, but, his charts were interesting. GREAT PODCAST for all to listen and Watch . . . !
Thanks, Peter! Here’s the link for anyone that missed it: https://www.investors.com/ibd-videos/videos/jeffrey-hirsch-give-your-portfolio-a-sober-october

I can hardly hear HatMan, can he check his mic position?
Will ask him to speak up

live answered

SMCI is up 191.50% YTD and is coming to the bottom of the 4 week consolidation. Watch this TML
live answered

Why am I not seeing any IBD responses? Change in policy.
We’ve responded to over 70 questions today! And have more than 100 unanswered queries, audience only sees answered Qs

Nice bounce. One of the big techs that are propping up the market. But below the 50-day line.

Why did David say it wasn’t a good time short?
Potential for oversold bounce

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