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THE mother of missing Shani Louk who was kidnapped by Hamas from a music festival says her daughter is dead.

The tattoo artist, 22, has not been seen since her naked body was paraded by the terrorists after she was snatched during the Supernova festival bloodbath on October 7.

shanukkk/InstagramThe mother of Shani Louk claims her daughter is dead[/caption]

Heartbroken mum, Ricarda Louk, said she was told the news by Israel’s military

The 22-year-old was snatched by Hamas and paraded naked after they stormed the Israeli music festival on October 7shanukkk/Instagram

Shani’s family had been desperately holding onto hope their daughter was alive and would one day be returned to them.

However, after three horrifying weeks of silence, Ricarda Louk said that she was informed by Israel’s military that her daughter was dead.

“Unfortunately, we received news yesterday that my daughter is no longer alive,” the heartbroken mother told RTL.

Shani’s sister, Adi, also confirmed her death on Instagram, writing: “It is with great sorrow that we announce my sister’s death”.

There has not yet been official confirmation and the circumstances around her death remain unclear.

In the hours that followed the festival massacre, Ricarda Louk recognised her half-naked, unconscious daughter in horrifying footage being spat on in a pickup truck.

At the time, Ricarda said “The video looks very bad but I still have hope. I hope she’s still alive somewhere.

“We don’t have anything else to hope for. We’re trying to believe,” she told CNN.

Shani’s family heard nothing more for three days until they got news that the 22-year-old was allegedly in critical condition and being treated in hospital in Gaza.

Ricarda told Bild: “We now have evidence that Shani is alive but has a serious head injury and is in critical condition. Every minute is critical.”

She also made a public demand to German officials to work harder to get her daughter back.

“You have to act quickly and get Shani out of the Gaza Strip! We shouldn’t argue about questions of jurisdiction now!”

The German-Israeli peace-lover – who allegedly refused to take part in Israel’s mandatory military service – was kidnapped from the festival during the start of Hamas’s surprise attack on southern Israel.

The trance party – designed as a celebration of “peace and love” – turned into a mass slaughter, etched forever in the minds of Israelis.

Ricarda previously revealed her daughter’s heroic last phone call.

The mum-of-four said she spoke to Shani briefly as the Palestinian terrorists began arriving on paragliders.

“Shani called her friends and told them not to come there. They were intercepted with guns.

“She said: ‘Run away, Hamas is here’.”

As Hamas retreated back into Gaza taking young hostages, 260 bodies of the unsuspecting ravers were found among the desert plains.

In the days after Shani vanished, The Sun revealed chilling texts were sent from the phone of her missing boyfriend Orión Hernández Radoux, 30.

Harrowing messages written in Arabic were sent from the Mexican dad’s phone that say: “I spit on you” and “God damn you”.

His family have pleaded for answers over his disappearance and fear that he too was abducted and is being held by Hamas.

One survivor of Hamas’s attack on the festival told The Sun that the gunmen had “murder in their eyes”.

Noa Beer, 29, helped three injured strangers and a DJ to escape in her Jeep while the indiscriminate slaughter of innocents continued around them in the desert.

“I thought I was going to die. I felt so helpless,” she recalled.

“I was so scared. There was a terrorist straight ahead, shooting like crazy with ­murder in his eyes.

“In about ten seconds I saw more death than ever in my life.”

Over 1.400 Israelis were murdered by Hamas terrorist as they poured over the border and unleashed hell onto Israeli border towns, villages and the music festival on October 7.

Adi Louk also announced on Instagram that her sister was dead

Shani’s lifeless body was paraded around in Gaza in horrifying videos shared online

The young tattoo artist had not been heard from in three weeksRicarda Louk

GettyRicarda had been desperately hoping her daughter was alive[/caption]

Instagram/shanukkkHer boyfriend, Orión Hernández Radoux, has been missing since the festival[/caption]

The abandoned site of the Supernova music festival after Hamas militants gunned down hundreds

PolarisClothes, belongings and tents were strewn over the desert plains where 260 bodies were found[/caption]

Polaris260 young party-goers were slaughtered[/caption]


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