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A COUPLE who live off-grid in a shed have saved thousands on bills and rent since leaving their house 12 years ago.

The innovative pair snapped up the shed for just £5,400 but it’s now worth so much more after they turned it into a luxury place to stay.

Tiktok / @belovedcabinThe unused shed has been transformed into a luxury home by couple John and Fin who share their off-grid lives on TikTok[/caption]

Tiktok / @belovedcabinThe shed was originally empty and cost just £5,400, 12 years ago[/caption]

John and Fin live in the fully transformed shack in Georgia and show off their lives on TikTok.

The pair go by belovedcabin online and have gained over 143,000 followers and millions of likes on their videos about the shed conversion and their off-grid lifestyle.

One of these show a detailed look into the shed – inside and out.

Their lifestyle is working towards being fully self-sustainable with a gas cooker, wood-burning heater and a clever way of saving water.

The shed started off as just one large empty space but John and Fin have transformed it into a four room house with a huge kitchen and bathroom added onto the original home.

A greenhouse kitchen where they grow most of their food sits overgrowing with plants from the walls to the ceiling on the side of the shed.

In a similar fashion the bathroom is also littered with plants climbing into the bath and over the windows.

As well as the extra spaces, there’s a living area with a TV, sofa and fireplace, a bedroom and a storage room and wardrobe all within the shed.

After buying the shed for just under £5,500 they went on to spend £5,000 on improving and building up the inside and an extra £5,000 on installing the kitchen.

After splashing another £1,200 on the bathroom their new home was complete for only £16,700.

Almost all of the project was done completely by themselves and this saved them thousands.

According to one of the TikToks, the key to the restoration project according to the pair was, “reusing and re purposing to save money,” and they saved loads simply by looking out for “savaged material” that most others would find useless.

The couple also raise chickens, goats and pigs and have a whopping 31 rescued cats and four dogs living with them.

The farm animals roam around their huge garden that they’ve taken over after putting down the huge shed in a spot they fancied.

This isn’t John and Finn’s first big project as they’ve fixed up a 126 sq ft, extraordinarily unique tiny house before.

The cute shack comes with a 100-year-old sink, a huge chandelier, red velvette sofa and a fancy golden bath tub with a lion’s head.

On Airbnb they offer people the chance to stay in their other builds from tiny houses on wheels, a converted school bus, a tree house and two yurts.

They live by the motto: “Do something BIG in your world… by simply doing something TINY!”

Across the world more and more people are moving into more peculiar homes to help save money and live a better life.

One of these is a real-life Womble called Shadow who lives completely off-grid in British Columbia.

His house sits on a murky marshland and is made out of rubbish and recycled materials.

Shadow’s goal in life is to leave the smallest ecological footprint he possibly can.

An adventurer also created her own off-grid home in the tropical rain forests of Hawaii.

Kelli lives in a tree house above the green canopy and has a spectacular view.

She posts on TikTok regularly and urges her fans to “plant a seed and change the world,” to help make everyone’s future a little better.

The living room and bedroom are in the original shed and is made up of reused goodsTiktok / @belovedcabin

Tiktok / @belovedcabinThe kitchen was added to the shed after it was first renovated[/caption]

The kitchen cost an extra £5,000 to build but the couple did it mostly by themselves saving a lot of moneyTiktok / @belovedcabin

The couple’s greenhouse bathroom that cost just £1200Tiktok / @belovedcabin

The luxury bedroom in the shed where people can rent out on AirbnbTiktok / @belovedcabin


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