Sat. May 25th, 2024

A TIKTOK star shared how a revealing tank top almost got her kicked off the flight.

Jacy told her followers how the flight attendant “harassed her” for wearing a corset top on the plane.

The TikTok star complained that the flight attendant told her to cover up her corset@maybejacy/tiktok

Jacy said other passengers wore clothes far more revealing than her@maybejacy/tiktok

A kind lady stepped up for Jacy and got kicked off the flight@maybejacy/tiktok

In the video, she explains how she got pulled aside and told to cover up.

“Some lady taps on my shoulder and asks ‘do you have a jacket or something? You need to cover up’ ,” said Jacy.

The lady then proceeds to look for a shirt to lend to TikTok star.

When Jacy refused to put on a shirt, another passenger stepped up to defend her from the employee.

The flight attendant got defensive when asked about the rules Jacy broke.

And the kind stranger got kicked off the flight.

The incident happened during a 40 degree temperature outside and all the passengers were wearing shorts and tank tops.

Jacy believes she was more clothed than half the plane passengers, with her torso fully covered and only shoulders showing.

Jacy said: “Today has been a circus and f*** you, Southwest. I was about to cry.”

She called the whole interaction “embarrassing” and felt like she got “shamed in front of everybody”.

She also told how she wore a sports bra and biker shorts on her Southwest flight before and had no issues.

Jacy’s followers sided with the star, leaving her supportive messages.

One user wrote: “Why do men never get dress coded?!”

Another one added: ” Even more INSANE considering southwest planes are a million degrees before takeoff and after landing.”

“I’ve also been dress coded on a southwest flight girl I feel u,” sympathised one commenter.

“It’s air plane- who’s being “distracted”? LMFAO,” sarcastically said another.

The Southwest Airlines website states that their dress code is “relaxed and casual”, but the passengers are expected to look “tasteful and well-groomed”.

The Sun has contacted Southwest Airlines for comment.

A similar incident happened on the Southwest airlines before when a TV star was left in shock after flight attendant asked her to cover up her “inappropriate” outfit.


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