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Girl, the strike. Megan Fox got the attention she ordered for Halloween, but maybe not the way she wanted it.

In case you missed it, SAG-AFTRA, the actors’ union, is still on strike, which is why only a few stars who are in projects that were granted waivers (for instance, Sofia Coppola’s Priscilla) are allowed to do publicity for their movies or shows. Like, how psyched do we think Timothée is that he’s not allowed to do press for Wonka? In the run-up to Halloween, the union put out a “guideline” asking members not to promote “struck work” (basically anything made by the studios) with their Halloween costumes, and instead go as generic characters like ghosts or goblins. I.e., you can be “a witch,” but not “Hermione Granger.”

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Basically everyone thought the rule was a little silly and not the point of the strike. The union put out an amendment clarifying that members’ kids weren’t part of the “guidelines,” celebs continued to do whatever they wanted, and we all moved on.

Except! Megan Fox not only dressed up as a character from Kill Bill, she tagged @sagaftra in her Instagram caption. It’s…a super weird move. Sure, she’s being a bad girl in that she’s thumbing her nose at SAG’s hall-monitor-like costume policing, but the union isn’t exactly The Man here, you know? That would be the AMPTP, the very group the union is currently bargaining with to get a better deal for actors…like Megan Fox. Her tag is very fake-edgy, and the move flopped, hard, with commenters on both Instagram and X saying, in so many words, “Whatever you thought you did…this ain’t it.”

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