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A pro-Palestinian activist posted a shocking video of himself releasing hordes of spray-painted mice into a McDonald’s in the UK, as he shouted “F—k Israel” in front of panicked customers.

The clip captioned “Enjoy your rat burgers” begins with the man, who is wearing a Palestinian flag on his head, opening the trunk of his car, which displays license plates reading “PAIISTN – Free Palestine.”

He removes a box filled with mice painted red, green and white — which he then dumps onto the floor of the McDonald’s in Birmingham, according to LBC.

The rodents scurry throughout the eatery amid screams by the shocked customers.

“Free f—king Palestine!” he yells as he walks back to his car. “Boycott Israel! F—k Israel!”

A spokesperson for the chain told the outlet confirmed the vile incident at the eatery.

“We are aware of an incident in our Birmingham Star City restaurant this evening where a number of mice were released by a member of the public,” the rep told LBC.

A protester posted shocking video of himself releasing mice painted in the colors of the Palestinian flag into a McDonald’s in the UK.X / @CrimeLdn

“Following the removal of the mice, the restaurant has been fully sanitized and our pest control partners have been called out to conduct a full inspection,” added the fast-food giant’s spokesperson.

The incident came after the company’s Israeli branch announced its decision to donate free meals to the Israeli troops in the war against Hamas, the Jerusalem Post reported.

“The action of throwing mice into a restaurant where customers are eating is extremely sickening. It causes distress to both the people present and also the mice themselves, and is both a cruel and dangerous thing to do,” Gary Mond, chairman of the National Jewish Assembly, told the Jerusalem Post.

The man dumped the rodents inside the fast-food eatery in front of shocked customers.X / @CrimeLdn

“However, from a political perspective, it is totally futile. It will do nothing to bring any support to the ‘Free Palestine’ cause, which in any event is based on Jew-hatred as opposed to support for the Arabs who live in Gaza,” he added.

Animal rights group Viva! said it was ‘deeply distraught’ about the use of the animals.

“While freedom of speech is important, and while all of us are deeply distraught with what is happening in the Middle East right now — anyone who has seen any footage would be hard moved not to be heartbroken — using poor mice and rats and setting them free in a McDonald’s is not the way to make a political point,” rep Faye Lewis told the Daily Mail.

The man yelled “Free f—king Palestine!” as he walked back to his car. X / @CrimeLdn

“The fact the video shows the mice being hurled at people is animal cruelty plain and simple. If the protestor’s point is to object to suffering, then contributing towards further cruelty, is poor execution,” Lewis said.

“It’s hard to see the scenes unfolding in the news for anybody with empathy, but inflicting fear and confusion to these sentient and empathic mice and rats and disgustedly, throwing them at people in the process, seems like a misguided way to object to suffering,” the spokesperson added.


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